Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun Monday - #34 - What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

This week's host is Irish Coffeehouse. The assignment is:
Careers- Then and Now
THEN: As a child day dreaming of what your future would hold for you, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you ever pursue or achieve it?
NOW: If you could be trained and placed in any career beginning tomorrow, what would it be?
For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher - an elementary education teacher. One who could mold the little ones from the start of their venture into learning.
Did I pursue or achieve it? NO.
What did I do? Not what I should have done ... I got married. I had 2 sons. I became a single-parent with two little ones to raise alone. I worked to make ends meet. I never went to college ...
I raised those kids. They are both married now and have kids of their own. I now work for a well known Department of Defense contractor as a Administrative Support Specialist (sounds impressive, but it ain't !!)
If with the click of a finger and the blink of an eye, I could be (or do) anything I wanted - A teacher it still would be!!
Go over to the Irish Coffeehouse and grab a cup (with a muffin if you would like). While enjoying the brew, be sure to check out everyone else's careers - then and now !

Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Days are Better Than Others ...

And today hasn't been one of the better ones - nothing catastrophic happened (thank goodness).

The problem is that nothing happened - I did nothing. I had the day off from work and the best of plans, but I basically did nothing. NOTHING, I am beginning to really dislike that word. Like a lot of other folks, I am in a funk (A feeling or spell of dismally low spirits).

The weekend was great and busy (SJ and her family were in town). I will post pictures later as they haven't been downloaded yet and blogger was being difficult earlier this evening. SJ and her family have left Virginia (to go back to her in-law's place for a few more days) and that makes me sad. Real sad ...

Back to today ...

I didn't get out of bed until 10:00 this morning.
I didn't get a shower until 1:00 this afternoon.

By then, the day is basically shot because any momentum one would possibly have - is gone.

I did get one thing done - and it wasn't part of the original plan. But, I don't know anything more now than I did before I went. Only that I am $60. poorer (and there will be more to come). My knee has been bothering me for quite a while. It hurts from time to time (well, to be truthful its hurts quite a bit of the time, but not all the time). There is a sharp pain when I get up from a sitting position or when I proceed to sit down. Going up and down stairs is a killer. It aches at night when I am trying to sleep (my legs are not straight when I slumber). It is swollen in weird places. So, I took a chance that my doctor would have an open appointment today - and he did. Of course, because I didn't do anything all day, it didn't hurt when I got there. He poked and prodded and bent it every which way AND probably thought I was a nut case for being there because I failed every "Does this hurt?" test that he gave me. But, he did notice the swelling. And sent me to get X-rays. And they, had me put my knee(leg) in some pretty odd positions. The x-ray tech must have seen something ... she told me to make the next appointment sooner than later. AND NOW, my knee definitely hurts. Goodness only knows when the next doctor (of the orthopedic variety) will have an open appointment. Oh, Joy ! More pain, more money to spend and time off from work that isn't scheduled (which will have to be made up because we no longer get paid sick leave or paid time off for personal business).

In anticipation of the weekend visitors (who spent the night), I tried to somewhat childproof my childless house by putting some things away and out of reach. I moved plants so the pull out sofa bed could be used with nothing in it's way and a path around it so one could get in and out of it without stepping in a potted plant. I moved the TV in my bedroom. I removed a lot of stuff from around the bathroom sink to make room for others to use it. I emptied off the day bed (usually covered with pillows and such), so I could sleep on it.

Tonight, everything is still where I moved it to. NOTHING got put back in it's place. I am a bit of a neat freak, so things out of place would normally drive me crazy - but I'm in a funk, so I don't care (at least not for right now).

The ice chest is sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. The sink is full of dishes. The laundry has not been done (I never realized how many bath towels get used when you have 6 house guests plus yourself !). Pillows and bed sheets are in places other than the linen closet or on a bed. I haven't eaten a decent meal all day ... YEP, I'm in a funk that's for sure.

This morning (afternoon), before getting into the shower, I attempted to remove a wooden bead bracelet (really a necklace that was too small for my neck) from my wrist (explanation is needed so you guys don't think that I've lost it - my sisters and I (SJ included) each donated a dollar to a street person yesterday for some cheaply made wooden bead necklaces - LB gave hers to her daughter and SJ and I made ours into a bracelet) for at least 20 minutes. It has a screw type clasp and I couldn't get it off - I burst into tears !! Needless to say, it is still on my wrist and luckily the green and blue beads didn't bleed all over my arm.

Friday morning, I got my hair cut and I hate it. It is shorter than what I asked for. It will grow back ... in the shower this morning (afternoon), while washing it - AGAIN, I burst into tears !! Then I felt stupid ... why in the hell, am I crying over such petty little things ... I am definitely in a funk !!

I don't hate my job, but right now (lately) I hate my job. It is such a chore to get up in the morning to get there and stay for 8 hours. The OVERTIME hours during the last few weeks burned me out somewhat. I desperately needed a day or two off - and what do I do when I have one - NOTHING!

Let's hope that tomorrow is one of the BETTER ONES ...

Bridal Bouquet for "J"

Giants Fan , (who is the virtual maid of honor for her bbf, J ) over at Sunny Little Blog is having a bridal bouquet contest - you cannot, I repeat cannot use real flowers !!

Here is my humble attempt ....

If I knew the colors that were being used, I could have picked more appropriate BUTTONS !!

Sneak preview ...

SJ was in town this weekend !!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Everyone Loves A Parade

Free Flags

Salute the Flag

PWC's Finest

Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty

The MUST HAVE firetrucks !

BUT ...

Now that I watch a parade through the eyes of an adult instead of that through a childs ....
The local hometown parade this year was a bit disappointing ...
Bring back the military marching groups, the boys and girls on their decorated bikes, the marching bands, the floats (homemade ones used to be so creative), the Brownies, the Cub Scouts, the baton twirlers and such ....
And tell all the political groups to stay home !! I know that we are in the midst of campaigning for the elections coming up, but when the politcal groups outnumber the rest of the 2 hour parade - it gets a little boring - I can imagine how the children felt.
Have a Happy and Safe
Fourth of July