Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's Hard Work but Someone Has to Do It !

Wouldn't it be wonderful if weeds didn't exist ?

I spent the entire morning removing the leaves and weeding out the flower bed that runs along the side of my townhouse. Since it is an end-unit, the leaves have a way of swirling around and ending up all tangled into the plants. It would have been easier if I had removed the leaves this past fall, but I was lazy (and had hoped they would just disappear on their own, but they didn't!)

See here - proof of all my hard work !

Now, it doesn't look all that fantastic right now, but you just wait - because it will! These are the plants that come up on their own year after year. After Mother's Day (that's because in this neck of the woods you wait till then - something about making sure it is after the last frost), there will be flowers, lots of flowers !!

Right now, the backyard (and front yard) needs to be tended to and the mess I made needs to be cleaned up ...

...BUT IT STARTED TO RAIN - Thank you Lord !! (He must have sensed that I was getting tired and had HAD ENOUGH for one day)


SJ said...

I forget about all the leaves, and trees you have back there....looks like you had quite the job to do!

And it's looking good. Wanna come take care of my yard now?

Rachel said...

Lots of work. The hostas look good though!! Since we are in an apartment now, I miss having a flower bed to mess around with!

Amy W said...

Looks great!

CPA Mom said...

Looking good. You know I did a ton of that myself this weekend. I feel your tiredness!