Friday, September 14, 2007

Freedom Walk Pictures

As promised, here are pictures from the Freedom Walk

Waiting to start the walk.

Look up on the roof ... passing the Lincoln Memorial

Approaching Memorial Bridge

Not the most flattering picture, but ... I was there !!

We passed the new Air Force Memorial on the way to the Pentagon

The first glimpses of the Pentagon and the flag. In the foreground is the construction site of the America's Heroes Memorial. You are not able to take pictures of the Pentagon close up (security reasons, they say) so they are from afar. From the street, it is heavily guarded, hence the iron security fence.

Following the attack on September 11, 2001, several rescue workers and military members hung an American flag from the top of the Pentagon's damaged western wall, to show the world that we were far from beaten. That same flag has been displayed each year during the week leading up to the anniversary.

In 2002, on September 11th, in front of a completely rebuilt western wall, a ceremony was held to remember those who were killed in the attack. A piece of limestone, taken from the original wall, now covers a dedication capsule containing objects memorializing those that lost their lives. (This is the only thing you are allowed to take a picture of when you are right up close to the Pentagon).

America's Heroes Memorial:
This memorial commemorates 184 victims of the terrorist attack. The two panels on either side of the opening depict the medals awarded to the military and civilian casualties. The panel on the left depicts the Purple Heart medal, awarded to military members injured or killed during a time of conflict. The right panel depicts the Defense of Freedom medal, which was created in the aftermath of September 11 as a civilian counterpart to the Purple Heart. The back panels of the memorial list the names of the 184 innocent victims killed in the attack.

This is the flag that covered the casket of remains which was buried at Arlington Cemetery.

This is one of the stained glass windows inside the actual chapel.

I "snuck" this picture (I am surprised that I actually captured what I was trying to take a picture of). If the tour guide (a rather young Navy soldier who told us that he was in 9th gym class the morning of the attack) would have caught me taking this picture - he would have taken my camera !!

Directly in front of the western wall of the Pentagon is the area that will become the permanent site of the September 11th Outdoor Memorial. At the heart of the memorial will be 184 illuminated benches, arranged according to the victim's ages, from 3 to 71, in a landscaped 1.93 acre plot. The benches for those who were in the Pentagon will be facing in that direction. The benches for those who were on the planes will be facing the sky. There will be fountain pools at each bench.

On the way back home, I spotted this sign on the Metro:

It says:
Escalump ( person who becomes a human speed bump by suddenly stopping at the top or bottom of Metro escalator.

I thought is was a great play on words.

And lastly, here is the fine artwork of the DC ambulance attendant

If the area above my kneecap looks huge ... IT'S BECAUSE IT WAS !!

After I got home, I took a soaking bath to make sure my wounds were clean and took it easy (with my leg elevated)for the rest of the day. On Monday,the swelling had gone down a lot, but I went to the doctor just to make sure I hadn't broken or cracked anything - I hadn't. My knee is just badly bruised (along with the majority of the rest of my leg down to the ankle). I am walking fine with little or no pain. Just don't bump into me - I.wouldn' happy.camper if you did !!


Emma in Canada said...

Those are great pictures. Very moving.

Julie said...

Sorry to hear about your knee - I hope it's better now!

SJ said...

Hope your knee is doing better! I give you a thumbs up for finishing off the walk despite your injury. Great job!

And the 9/11 stuff...when I'm back in town next time, will you take me there? I can only imagine what it is like to experience it in person. I still remember our visit to the site in October of 2001....