Thursday, September 27, 2007

What A Week !!

This has been one hell of a week - work is kicking my butt !! I would like to hit Alt/Control/Delete - close it down and start over fresh !!

So ... last night was the season premier of Private Practice and tonight Grey's Anatomy.

I.don' !!

A bit disappointed - yet willing to give them another shot.

* Addison does a C-section without anesthesia and not in a hospital -

* Izzy saved a deer - shock paddles and all -

* A man was in an accident that left his brain severed from his spine - and he lives!

* A lunatic with a messed up knee gets a perforated stomach because he swallowed scissors (and clips and money and cotton balls, etc) -

* A woman has her arm severed but gives birth during the surgery -

All very bizarre ....

What do you think ??

Do any of these even vaguely resemble real life ??


frannie said...

I don't watch this-- but it sounds almost as ridiculous as er. when is that show ever going to die????

la bellina mammina said...

Ah Frannie - I LOVE Grey's Anatomy - ridiculous though it may be :-(

Is that the 4th season? Because it's only showing the 3rd season here (yeah, we're always a season behind than in the States!) And I heard Meredith and Mc Dreamy broke up - this time for good??

Beckie said...

I watched both of these shows. I wasn't impressed, but I have to say now that you list the events I am even less impressed. I will still watch again next week.

Unknown said...

I refuse to watch the spin off. I hated it in the GA version last spring. And, the break up. Ugh. I just don't know what to think. I started watching with the VERY first epi & it's lost something, hasn't it?