Monday, November 12, 2007

Fun Monday - # 18 - Mother May I?

HOOTIN' ANNI is definitely a hoot this week. This is what she wants:

Stand up from where you are (at your computer) - Take 30 giant steps in any direction and take a photo. Then, take 15 baby steps backwards and take another photo. AND don't forget to say "Mother, May I?"

I live in a small townhouse and had to make a decision - Up or down. Up won hands down because there is no way in hell that I will show you the disorganization that appears if you go down !

Taking 30 giant steps in any direction would have put me smack into a wall, so I compromised and took 30 normalish steps to the left at each turn and ended up in the corner of my bedroom, looking directly at this:

This plant was an orphan when I got it. It's mother stuck it in a corner on her porch and promptly forgot about it. I love plants and couldn't bear to see it wither away and die. So, I brought it to my house. I water it, I talk to it, I give it light - it has found a loving home. Maybe, as a Christmas present to this deserving plant, I will transplant it into a bigger pot.

Taking 15 baby steps backwards put me in the hallway right at the top of the stairs. Directly in front of me wouldn't have been a decent picture, as I would have been taking a picture directly into the mirror in the bathroom. So, I turned to the left and this is what I saw:

I took these pictures during a trip to the Outer Banks about 5 or so years ago. I was rather pleased with the results, so I framed them and hung it up on the wall in between my bedroom and the bathroom.

Take a bunch of bloggy steps and visit Anni to check out all of the other Fun Monday participants to see where their steps took them.


Anonymous said...

Yes Im a bad mother when it comes to plants. But I knew I was giving it up for a good reason. LB

the planet of janet said...

cool pix.

and i guess i would have to give you my plants too. i have a major brown thumb :-(

Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea for the lighthouse photos! I am in love.

SJINCO said...

You do love plants, that's for sure. And you have a green thumb, so it's great!

Love the photos, they did turn out really good!

Anonymous said...

I love your framed prints of the lighthouses. It is so simple and refreshing. I love your plant. You did a great job of mothering it, and it might appreciate a new pot for Christmas.

bichonpawz said...

I adore your lighthouse prints framed on the wall. My sister has a place in the Outer Banks. Beautiful!

Tiggerlane said...

You need to mother my plants - I am a very bad mom.

Those photos are beautiful, and are worthy of your inner sanctum! I'll bet they bring you comfort.

Pamela said...


Plants add much to make a house homey.

ChrisB said...

You obviously have green fingers and the plant enjoys the nurturing. I'm very hit and miss with my plants.

You did a good job with the light house pictures. They look lovely framed like that.

frannie said...

I love the outer banks photos!