Monday, November 26, 2007

Fun Monday - # 20 - Unfinished Projects

Blue Momma at Life in the Fish Bowl is our host this week (her first time) and she has done a wonderful job - which is more than what I did. I had every intention of signing up - had the pictures I would take figured out and every thing. My name doesn't show up on the list !! Not her fault, I re-checked the comments once and then again ... and low and behold, I forget to sign up !! Just another thing on my list of unfinished projects .... go figure !!

I will start out small.

Aren't these sunflowers the most beautiful ones you have ever seen ?

I started this cross stitch project quite a few years ago - back when SJ lived in the house before the one she lives in now and when she had her kitchen decorated with sunflowers? SJ - now, how long ago was that? I don't quite remember. Now, her MIL decorates her kitchen with sunflowers, maybe I will get this done before she changes her theme too ! Don't hold your breath !! PLEASE ... I would feel real guilty if we lost someone in the blogoshpere because of my inability to actually finish something.

I will end this BIG !

I moved into my townhouse in September of 2001. That's six years ago. The basement has been a project since shortly after I moved in. Upstairs is done. The middle floor is done. The basement .... half done ??

This is the laundry / storage room. It looks cluttered but it really isn't. Just a bad angle. There actually is a lot of room to move around - with things stored in bins and on shelves around the perimeter. (There are magnets on the front of the washer also).

At the bottom of the stairs, if you look to the right there is actually some order and space. (I confess ... it's only been this way for a couple of weeks). I want to put up a second Christmas tree up down here so I had to get busy and clear it out. (sorry, it's a bit dark but that is what happens when you wait till the last minute to take a picture). If the sun had still been shining - it might have been a better view. There really is a TV in the middle of the entertainment center (don't tell anyone that it isn't actually plugged in at the moment.)

Turn to the right again and it looks a bit more promising. This is just a small section of my movie collection - filed in alphabetical order (yes, I am weird) just like in the movie store. And yes, before you ask, the CDs are in alphabetical order by artist also!

These still need to be put on shelves (in order of course) but you will soon see why that hasn't happened yet!

No, a tornado didn't hit this part of the basement.

In an effort to make the other side of the basement usable, I put all of the unopened boxes and miscellaneous stuff behind the love seat which is in the middle of the room as a divider (just pretend you can't see behind it, OK?) The plan is to tackle one box at a time (yea, right ... I've been saying that for six years). If I haven't seen or used this stuff in six years, do you really think I need it? Maybe, I keep telling myself - especially all the pictures of my family taken over the years that will eventually make their way on the wall to the left (that you can't see). Anyways, that's the plan. The wall there is bare, just waiting for me to give it some style. As a matter of fact, most of the walls are still bare and I have all the stuff to put on them, just haven't got around to doing it yet (in six years). Granted, not all of the stuff has been there the whole time. I have added to the collection in the last six years (like the southwestern stuff I have purchased on my trips to Colorado). I do have great plans !! One of which is ....

to get this fish tank up and running again !!

I need some type of intervention, don't I?

Also, I went on a cruise in June of this year. Have I posted anything about it? No, because the pictures have been downloaded off the memory card to this computer but I am overwhelmed by the quantity of them and don't know where to start. Winter is coming - what better time than then, when it is cold outside and I can relive the warmth of Bermuda by posting then.

AND ... I haven't printed a single picture since I recieved my digital camera for Christmas last year !! When a memory card gets filled, I just buy another one! I have albums and albums just waiting to be filled and added to the vast amounts of the ones already filled. They are on a ceiling to floor bookshelf that you can just see in the picture above. The old way, you had to have the pictures developed in order to see what you got. Modern technology is the reason for this unfinished project - it is so much easier to look at them on the computer!!

Make sure you pay Blue Momma a visit and see if anyone else procrastinates as bad as I do.


Anonymous said...

LOL intervention on it's way LOL I am laughing so hard at you just buying another memory card instead of emptying the one you have! I know so many people who do this LOL

Blue Momma said...

You are on the list on my Fun Monday post!!! Several other people signed up yesterday, so you weren't the only one.

I would so trade my projects for yours! Think we can work something out????

Anonymous said...

Let me know when you want to set up the tank. I will come up and get it going for you.Guess who???

frannie said...

looks familiar!

we moved a year ago, and haven't done anything to the house!

Anonymous said...

I love houseplants. I kill all of mine because I forget to water them. Sad really.

SJINCO said...

Hey, hey, hey! I see you are making some progress. Will this be done by next summer when we possibly make a trip to VA?

Can't wait to see it finished!

Cynthia said...

Oh my, I love your basement! I didn't even think to take pics of the basement. Mine is soooo bad!