Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's Been a Week ....

And the constant hum is about to drive me crazy !!

The dishwasher repairman showed up on Wednesday at 1:45 (the window was between 10:00 and 2:00) and he didn't call first like he was supposed to. My entire morning was wasted, as I didn't want "to get into anything" so I waited .... ( for goodness sake, I could have gone to work for half a day!). I finally attempted to make myself some lunch - and he shows up - so lunch was put on hold for a little while.

He was a jerk!

Complete with the "plumber's crack" (no visual provided - use your imagination)! And he didn't smell too good - you see, it was a warm day and he was a "larger" man ... He takes off the bottom panel of the dishwasher and says "Yep, it's broke - the motor's shot. Looks like you got rats, too! He says this as he pulls out a couple of pieces on insulation from under the dishwasher. I ignored his comment! I know what insulation looks like if MICE have gotten into it! These pieces were evidence of it being WET under there! He then takes what seemed like 10 minutes to get back up off the floor. He sticks out his hand and says "either cash or check, we don't take no credit". I was taken aback for a second ... and had to ask him, because he wasn't volunteering any information. "Are you going to replace the dishwasher or repair it?" He replies "Depends". Uh, depends on what? What the Home Warranty people say. And, when will you know? Depends. Could you give me a little bit of an idea? He rattles off a bunch of nonsense, then says You should hear from us by Monday on what we're gonna do. I give him a check and he proceeds to leave. As he is heading towards the door, he says to me "I could never live here - too many dust collectors around". My thoughts, DUH, do you really think I'd want you to live here! As we get to the door, he says "Hold on a second, I got a gift for you - I didn't buy it - I just found it on the side of the road up around the corner." I'm thinking - WHY ME? He hands me a metal snowman tea light holder and says "Lookie there, it's still got the tag on it !" Being the nice person that I am, I take it and politely say "Thank You." He drives away (after something has leaked from his truck all over my parking space) and I look at my "gift". I wouldn't say that it has actually been run over, but at least been run into and dropped a couple of times - the back won't close and what it is supposed to be holding in one "arm" is missing !! I set it on a plant stand on the porch so that it would be visible when he returns, then the DAMN thing is being tossed into the trash!!

Needless to say, I was rather frustrated at this point ... so I sit down and watch SOME MORE daytime TV talk shows ( I am so glad I am not at home all day, because most of it is a ridiculous waste of time). Dr. Phil - about a couple who were going through a divorce and how they basically were committing child abuse, but neither one of them thought that they were doing anything wrong. Oprah - a man and woman get a divorce after she realizes that she is a lesbian while carrying her second child who just happens to be a girl ... then he comes out of the closet that he is really gay and has always been. (Earlier in the day, on Tyra Banks - celebrity rehab stories featuring Brigette Neilson who kicked alcohol and is now sober, Jessica Sierra [American Idol fame] who was/is hooked on coke and how much it is a struggle to kick [with an update that after the show was taped - she got busted again and is facing 11 years of jail time], some punk rocker full of tattoos [didn't recognize his name nor do I remember] and some gay hip hop group who one of the members admits that he has a problem and agrees to attend rehab while on the show). Ellen DeGeneres was the only show that was light hearted and somewhat pleasant to watch (the fact that she is gay doesn't really come across in the show) and she has so much fun AND I just giggle when she dances (she had a marionette of herself and was making it dance).

OK - back to the original subject.

Next thing on the agenda was to call my Homeowners Insurance to file a claim because now it had been determined that the dishwasher was the culprit of the water leakage. It was a much more pleasant experience. I was told that within the next 2 hours, I would be hearing from a water mitigation company so they could come out and access the damage. I heard from them within the first half hour and within 2 hours, they were HERE. Two very nice gentlemen, checked out all the damage (including pulling out the dishwasher which the first guy didn't bother to do). They used moisture meters plus a bunch of other gadgets and sprayed some chemicals that are supposed to stop the mildew from growing (unfortunately, there is a little bit already). It turns out that it could have been much worse, but there is a lot of wet wood and moisture. They left some equipment which is the source of the constant hum that I have referenced at the beginning of what now seems to be a novel.

The kitchen is practically unusable (which makes it difficult to prepare proper meals when you are dieting). The dishwasher is pulled out onto the floor (which blocks the silverware drawer) and the big green thing in the front of the picture is a dehumidifier (which kicks in to second gear every so often - and scared me to almost pee my pants when it did it the first time). Tucked in over on the left in front of the refrigerator (which you can still open) is a kick ass high powered fan. Which is blowing air under the sink and where the dishwasher is supposed to be. The ServPro guys came back Friday evening to check the moisture levels and they determined that it isn't quite dry enough yet. So .... the STUFF is still here.

There is another GREEN MONSTER ...

in the basement, blowing air upwards to the ceiling ...

which now has a honest to goodness REAL HOLE in it !!

These monsters have been running 24/7 since Wednesday night AND it is getting real old. The nice guys at ServPro will be here tomorrow at noon and I hope they are able to get them out of here at last.

Let's hope for a quieter week to come ... that is until the next round of people show up to fix the damages!!

I am not a neat freak ... but the clutter and the lack of ability to do anything in my kitchen is DRIVING ME INSANE.


"J" said...

You poor thing!!! =(

Just wanted to say hey...drop you a line! I'm still trying to get caught up on everyone!!! =)

CPA Mom said...

I'm not a neat freak either but I do need a sense of order - I'd be insane by now! Hope things start to turn around now. This all just stinks!

Rachel said...

Well, at least you know where the leak is coming from and you are able to get it fixed! I hope they are able to remove all that crap today!

frannie said...

whoa! that is a lot of crap going on! I am so aorry that your life is having to be so disrupted!!

SJ said...

Grrrrr...gotta hate it when life throws a curve ball. I can imagine the noise level from those fans, and if I had a hole in my ceiling? I'd go nuts. Hang in there, it's almost over.