Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Best of Intentions ....

I'm still around ... really I am !!

Between working longer than usual hours, falling asleep on the couch when I get home, thunderstorms wreaking havoc with the electricity, having a house guest and busy weekends lately .... this blog has been neglected. (I hang my weary little head in shame).

I have material .... yes, I have things to share !! With pictures, even. What I lack the most lately is TIME. (Does any one have any to spare?)

It will come ... in time.

I have been reading and being a BAD commenter, but don't give up on me - OK?

Sadly, it is 9:32 EST and I haven't had anything to eat yet and I am a bit hungry .... A PB&J sandwich even sounds pretty good right about now (how sad is that?)

So, as Arnold says - I'LL BE BACK !!


SJ said...

I hear ya sister. My poor little blog has been neglected lately too....

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you'll be back soon with pictures!
The thunder storm yesterday was crazy wasn't it? I was driving at the time, not pleasant!
Hope you get some down time soon :)

Joy T. said...

I've spent the evening catching up on blogs and I'm here to tell you you aren't the only one. People are busier then ever it seems so everyone is apologizing for either not posting or not commenting. I kind of laugh at how polite we all are about it :o)

CPA Mom said...

Those thunderstorms were crazy, weren't they?!

I'm still here. Never giving up!