Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Lets see how good my memory is ... it's been a while !!

5/26 Memorial Day

My neighbor put together a little BBQ ... just a few of us single gals in the neighborhood. She served this "limeade" from a pitcher. It tasted awful damn good - after a few glasses, I figured out why - she put tequila in it !! Did me in for the rest of the day. I was sure glad I didn't have any plans to go anywhere.

5/28 - 5/31

I dog sat for a former co-worker at her house. The commute to work was heavenly cuz she lives just a few miles away (10 minutes if I hit all the lights AND stopped for my morning coffee). They have 4 computers in their house and I couldn't get on to a single one!! Damn password protection !! I was having withdrawal symptoms within the first evening ...

While there, a hellacious thunderstorm rolled through. The hail was the size of golf balls. All I could think was that a tree was going to fall on the house and it isn't even my house !! Luckily, that didn't happen but a tree did crash down into the street. I pretended I had a four wheel drive and navigated around it. Why not ?? Every one else was !! At my house - not a drop of rain fell (at least that is what the neighbors said).

June 1st

I volunteered at the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival in Centreville. I do this twice a year. The production company donates money to the Make A Wish Foundation on behalf of each volunteer. It is for a good cause and it is usually a fun filled day - this time didn't disappoint. The only downside is that you can't "sample" wines when you are working - so, no sippin' for me.

June 6

Kindergarten Graduation Day

What a Proud Gramma, I was !!

June 7

National Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

This year, instead of walking the race (my knee has been bothering me), I volunteered. My assignment was at the finish line which was pretty cool (the weather wasn't - it was already 85degrees and extremely humid at 8 AM).

This man finished first - running 5K in 14 minutes 24 seconds

Renee Syler from The Early Show participated in the race ...

and so did Gabrielle Union from Ugly Betty.

An estimated 40 thousand people showed up and participated in the God Awful Heat ! (since I was at the finish line I didn't get to see the masses of people until they were finished). My job was to collect the tab at the bottom of the bib as they came across the finish line and they came in fast and furious so I didn't have any time to snap pictures. This picture is where the pre-race activities took place and since I had to be there REAL early, this shot doesn't show the crowd.

I came home, showered and promptly took a 3 Hour NAP !

June 14

My nephew returned to the states on June 9th, after a year long tour of duty in the Persian Gulf . After his medical evaluation, he was able to return to his family in the Shenandoah Valley (at my brother's home).

My sister and her daughter, Hannah came to stay with me Friday evening and we headed up to the Valley for a Welcome Home party on Saturday.

As it has for days, thunderstorms were abundant on that day. But we carried on by improvising and grilled burgers, hot dogs and brats.

Fun was had by all ...

and Lee even brought home with him -

a little bit of the Middle East !

And in true 'Ty" style ...

Welcome Home Lee, Welcome Home !

AND ... just for you SJ, come back later to read about the "weird occurrence in the neighborhood" !


Joy T. said...

Love it! You've been busy and I love all the pictures. Especially of the Welcome Home Lee. Ok and the gorgeous little Kindergartener is pretty darn precious :o)

CPA Mom said...

Forgive me if you get this comment disappeared.

I am so glad Lee made it home safely!!

Our Susan G. Komen race is in October and I might do it for the first time this year!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful and busy time. Those Kindergarten graduation photos are so adorable!

Julie said...

You have been a busy little beaver but what fun you've been up to!

SJ said...

Why yes, you have been busy! But it sounds like a ton of fun. I'm glad Lee made it home safe and sound, I'm sure he's glad to be back too!