Saturday, September 6, 2008

Am I Going To Have To Build an Ark ?

Tropical Storm Hanna (formerly known as Hurricane Hanna) is kicking our butts here in Northern Virginia !!

No pictures ... I refuse to go outside in this rain.

I have been watching the news reports all morning ... Weather Bug is reporting almost 5 inches has fallen this morning (from the reporting system at a school just about a mile away from where I live).

1:30p.m. EDT:WeatherBug Tracking Station in Manassas, Va. has recorded 6.34 inches of rain so far today.

I am definitely cursing the contractor who did some work at my house a few months ago ... areas that he "supposedly" fixed, have sprung a few leaks ... and of course, he isn't answering his phone !! Small claims court just might be hearing from me if he continues to avoid my calls.

UPDATE: 9.46 inches of rain has fallen so far in Manassas (which is not far from here) - it's now 2:30 - check out how much they were reporting at 1:30 !! ALMOST 10 inches PEOPLE - 10 inches !! I am so ready for this to be over ...

ANOTHER UPDATE: I just realized that there hasn't been any traffic on Route 1 for the last couple of hours ... this just might be the reason why !

09/06/2008 0300 PM
Dale City, Prince William County.
Flash flood, reported by trained spotter.
3 feet of water over Route 1 from neabsco creek.

09/06/2008 1250 PM
Dale City, Prince William County.
Flash flood, reported by Emergency Mngr.
1 water Rescue.
7 roads closed.
10 roads threatened due to flooding.


SJ said...

Oh man, sounds like things are really not good at all! Hopefully there isn't much damage and Hurricane Hanna will be a thing of the past before you know it. The in-laws in NC are having a (not so) good time as well, lots of wind and rain (but no damage I think, luckily).

Where's the leak in your house?

And um, you think it'll be all clear by Wednesday? I HOPE!?

Anonymous said...

Yup it was a lot of rain wasn't it? Beautiful here in DC today hope it is in Virgina too.