Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Am STILL Shaking My Head !!

I got a phone call about an hour and a half or so ago.

From an acquaintance of mine.

Who lives on the 14th floor of a high rise apartment complex.

Just a few miles from the Pentagon.

Who obviously has a vivid imagination.

And is definitely paranoid !!

First, she asked me if any terrorist alerts had come across my desktop at work in the last few days? (I work for a large Defense Contractor company).

NO ...

Then she proceeds to tell me that her apartment complex is conducting a "blinds" (as in those things that cover your windows) check tomorrow.

She is convinced that the local Police Departments have received an alert from the government.

AND that the "blinds" check is a cover.

Because they are really looking for evidence of terrorists in high rise apartments.

Because, as we all know, Thursday is September 11th .....

And the terrorists wouldn't strike in the same place twice.

And that high rise apartments would get lots and lots of people at one time ...

I kept thinking to myself as I was listening to her ramble - WHY ME?

She asked me to call her, tomorrow, with a cryptic message if I hear anything (because the phone calls from my job might be monitored) - WTF ??

I don't work for Homeland Security !! (not to imply that they monitor phone calls)

She told me to make sure I brought a "To Go" bag with me when I head out on Thursday morning. (Huh?) She has hers already packed.

And, as she proceeded to hang up (so she could watch one of her favorite shows, which by the way, I believe tonight is the premier of said program - so how could it be her favorite already?), she told me that I have been a great friend to her and to wish her well in her next life -

In case she perishes in a terrorist bombing of her apartment complex on Thursday !!


That Chick Over There said...

Oh my stars.

A Spot of T said...

wtf is right! I probably would have laughed to begin with until I heard how serious she was. Kind of sad really.

CPA Mom said...

With friends like need new friends.

giants fan said...

she needs help. a lot of it. seriously.

Beckie said...

It makes me kind of sad to think that she is living her life in such paranoia.