Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun Monday # 40 - High Moments In Our Lives

Today would be one of those "high" days, if only I could get my act together on a Sunday and actually have my Fun Monday post ready AND not have to work so stinking late on a Monday !!

Many thanks to Mariposa at Mariposa's Tales for taking the time on her "birthday" to be our hostess. AND before I forget, HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY.

The assignment this week is as follows:

If you could share to us 3-5 high moments in your lives...this could be funny moments...the you can't believe you did it moments...the "I told you so" moments...or the times we asked the ground to go open and eat us moments! You need not write a book to explain them, the highlights will do.

OK - here we go ... it helps when you have to sit in traffic on the way home and it's raining ... it gives you time to think of things!

1. February 1963 - It was Valentines Day in the first grade AND I got the biggest valentine in the class - from a young man that I actually had a CRUSH on. (I hate to admit it, but I still have it).

2. The days (2 separate ones, of course) that my sons got to come home from the hospital. Both were premature - the older one after almost 2 months and the younger one after 13 days.

3. January 5, 1989 - the day my divorce became FINAL ( I can't believe that it will be 20 years in a little less than 2 months)

4. July 2001 - I signed the contract for the purchase of MY FIRST HOUSE (townhouse) - my very own - not shared or paid for by anyone else but ME! I moved in on September 8 - just days before one of the biggest tragedies that has ever hit the United States - I will NEVER forget that day. On the afternoon of September 11th, I prayed that I could at least live in the house for a little while before anything else happened in Washington, DC - we just didn't know what transpire after that dreadful day.

5. June 2004 - I purchased my very first BRAND NEW CAR that no one else had previously owned and I am still driving it today.

6. Being at the birth of my youngest grandson (he will be 5 in July) and of my youngest granddaughter (she will be 2 in March). It is such a "different" experience when you aren't the one giving birth.

7. February 2006 - Myself and my brothers and sisters being able to throw a "SURPRISE" 50th Anniversary party for our parents - they had already planned to renew their vows and knew of a small reception BUT had no idea of the party and all the invited guests! WE DID GOOD ... and all 6 children were in attendance (some from across the United States).

Sorry, I got carried away ... see what happens when you are late and you have all day to think about it !

Take some time to visit Mariposa and read about other's high moments - you will be glad you did, I am sure. Hopefully I will find some time to do the same - but since I haven't had dinner yet - it will probably be tommorow - FOR SURE.


KarmynR said...

Buying your own house is a real achievement for sure! (normally it takes both incomes) And what a day to move in.

IamwhoIam said...

You done good. there is something empowering in owning you own car and home.

Thans for sharing

Sayre said...

Those are some very powerful high moments. My divorce itself wasn't a high point, but walking out the door was! It took a lot of steel that I didn't know I had in me.

I think those things that make you realize how strong or competent you are are the highest highs you can have.

m (the misanthrope) said... have had a lot of high moments! And thank you for visiting me, and for your lovely comment. You mentioned that your divorce was one of the high moments. I haven't been divorced myself *knock wood* but I do know how good it feels when a relationship that is no longer good for me, has ended. Being single is infinitely better than being with the wrong person. I was extremely fortunate to meet and marry my husband, and I have my fingers crossed for many happy years. But I totally understand where you're coming from. Thank you for sharing your moments - they were wonderful!

"J" said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww man!!!! You won!!!!! =( Dang it!!!! lol =)

Congrats to you!!!! =)

ChrisB said...

Those are great things to share. I remember reading about your house before. I'm with you on the birth of grandchildren, not that I was actually present when my daughter gave birth, but near enough for the eldest!

swampy said...

I love your "take" on high moments and I'm sure most of us can relate to something on your list.
Have a wonderful week and lots of turkey.
Gobble Gobble Gobble.