Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun Monday - # 41 - Carols and Things

This week's hostess is MAMALANG and because it's an easy one ... I am actually posting way before my usual time of LATE Monday evening. Miracles do happen ...

The assignment is:

It's the Christmas season, and I want you to tell us what are your three favorite Christmas Carols and a picture of your favorite Christmas "thing". It could be a Christmas tree, or your mantle, or a church, you in a Santa hat.

My favorite Christmas Carols are the traditional ones - the ones you usually hear in church -

Away in a Manger

Silent Night

Joy to the World

We Three Kings

I could go on and on ... but I won't !! I think you get the idea ...

My favorite thing - my Christmas tree - entirely decked out with snowmen AND snowflakes. Since my tree is up but not quite decorated yet ... here is what it looked like last year.

Note: This year's tree will have a SNOWFLAKE topper (which took forever to find) instead of the angel which has been designated now for the second tree (which probably won't get put up because there just - isn't.enough.time!)

OOPS ! This must be the tree from the year before last ... I spy a few items that aren't snowmen or snowflakes !! Honestly, this year they will ALL BE!

Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to visit Mamalang - I am sure you will be glad you did!

Happy Holidays




the blogger said...

We have the same top two carols. Happy Monday.

Hootin' Anni said...

I love the tree!!! Just simply love it!!!

Happy Fun Monday

m (the misanthrope) said...

Beautiful tree, Neighbor! Happy almost-Christmas Monday!

Janis said...

Pretty Tree,Love snowmen and snow flakes. Have a Fun Monday!

Ari_1965 said...

Ewww! Christmas music!

Love last year's tree. I haven't put mine up yet this year.

Sayre said...

Gorgeous tree - do you theme your tree every year?

Mamalang said...

Lovely tree...snowman are my favorite winter item. I love those songs as well. It's so hard to choose!

Pamela said...

snowmen and snowflakes.. how cute. (Just what I need two trees. I can't even find room for one!)

I think we all gravitate towards the music we heard when we were kids.

I played the old Bing Crosby Christmas music when my kids were small and they all love mele kalikimaka ha ha

Ali said...

Fabulous tree, and presents underneath already!

Julie said...

I love your themed tree! That is great! I love all of those old carols. I wish I could sing them, but I am really really bad at that. :)

Pamela! I completely forgot about Mele Kalikimaka! I love that song!

grace said...

Cute tree, I love Away in a Manger and Silent Night too. Two nights ago, my 3 year old was singing "Away in a Manger" almost made me cry

ChrisB said...

I'm very late visiting this week. Your tree is very prettily decorated and I'm sure it will look equally lovely this year with a snowflake on top.

"J" said...

I love it all!!!! Wht a GREAT looking tree!!!!! I was looking for the ornaments that you and I have a like?!?! Then I read this isn't your tree from this year!!! =)

I love it!!!!

I also love all the snowmen all over your house!!!!!

Very Pretty!!!!

giants fan said...

great tree!!!

SJ said...

Yep, we are sisters! Love the snowflakes and love the snowmen!