Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun Monday - #42 - Christmas Just Past

First of all, I hope that everyone had a MERRY Christmas !!

The wonderful hostess this week is Sayre at SayreSmiles. Her assignment :

What was the most touching, wonderful part of Christmas for you this year?
What was the craziest, stupidest, funniest part this year?

Christmas this year was both HAPPY and SAD ...

Let me explain ...

My son was not home (the sad part). He is in the Middle East. He won't be home until probably the end of January. He missed Thanksgiving with his family. He missed Christmas with his family. He will miss bringing in the New Year with his family. It was the first time in his 32 years of life, that his Mother was not with him at least part of the day on Christmas.

I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with his wife and three children (the happy part). It has been many, many years since I have been around children when they wake up and realize that Santa has come.

Tyler made sure that goodies were left out for Santa.

He was rather excited on Christmas morning when the bowl contained only a few crumbs !

Tori was all smiles with the presents that Santa left for her.

The most touching, wonderful part of Christmas for me this year ...

Watching Tori talk to and see her Daddy via WebCam !

I spent Christmas afternoon and evening with the other son and his family. It was tough on this Mom not being with BOTH of her children this year.

The Christmas tree will stay up and we will have Christmas once again when he gets home. Thank goodness, it's not a real one !! And it is completely decorated with snowmen - so, what the heck - it will still be WINTER !

To prove that I am totally insane (and possibly obsessive) - all the wrapping paper that I use on the gifts - YEP - snowmen ! (take a peak ...)

It was pretty special also, to see the look on Jillian's face when she opened up her American Girl Doll Gift Certificate from her Gramma. She had wanted to start shopping right then and there !! (She has Kit and got Ruthie from Santa)

And she proudly modeled the scarf that her Gramma made for her. She was tickled that it was yellow with "colored spots" JUST LIKE SHE HAD ASKED FOR.


No shots of the boys (18 and 14) - They don't do pictures !! Movement doesn't work very well.

The craziest, stupidest, funniest part this year ...

Craziest - the weather ! Not December like at all !! It was incredibly warm this year in VA.

Stupidest - Me, being disappointed that NO ONE came to my house on Christmas this year. I spent hours and days decorating with all my snowman ... DUH ! I wasn't home for anyone to come by !

Funniest - Trevor (he's 14) got a BUTT / FACE towel - one end was red and said BUTT in white, the other end was white and said FACE in red - after he got out of the shower, he said "Gramma, I wiped my butt with the face end !!

Take a few minutes, now that Christmas has passed and visit Sayre to read about everyone else's wonderful day.



Anonymous said...

Hi there! Great stories! Thank you to your son for his service, and to you and his other loved ones for your sacrifice. As we discussed over on my blog, it is difficult when one of the family isn't there on Christmas. And yes, wasn't the weather crazy? I'm in the process of catching a cold and I blame this nutty weather. Happy Holidays to you and I hope you get to see your son soon!

Sayre said...

My brother got to spend Christmas in Kuwait this year. He sent us an email telling us about it and it sounds like they went all out to make sure everyone had a good day (he's a CHOPs).

Kids really are the reason for Christmas... their joy is contagious!

Loved your decorating... even if you were the only one who got to see it. Now we get to, too!

Teenaged boys! They really are funny guys. I grew up with lots of them and I'm raising one to be a teen now.

Molly said...

Happy New Year to you. I hope that your son gets to come home very soon. The picture of your granddaughter talking to your son via Webcam is precious.

ChrisB said...

It is sad when someone in the family is missing the celebrations. That is such a lovely picture of Tori talking to her daddy via the webcam. You'll have lots to celebrate once he comes home.
I know all about grandchildren who don't want their photos taken but I did sneak a few this year. The towel story is hilarious :)

Happy New Year in case I don't get back to see you before then.

Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks to your son and his service to our country. As you know, our son-in-law missed the birth of his daughter and Christmas the first time he was in Iraq.
Second, I love my scarf...have just been too busy with company and travels to get my act together to officially thank you for it.
Fourth, er, um, oh yeah...HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Pamela said...

As long as he remembers which end he used.. ha ha

I so hope you have a wonderful 2nd Christmas with a safe and healthy return of your son.

oohs and awws for the scarf.

Faye said...

This was a grand post. Your family just got on with it, didn't they? In my neighborhood there's a house with a bedsheet hanging from the gutters. On it is spaypainted "Welcome Home Michael." I saw it out earlier in the summer as well. I was so glad to see it re-appear at Christmas. And thank goodness for the technology that enables families to be connected in a real way during these long separations.

All the best to you and your family in '09. And safe, swift return from the Middle East for your son.

Anonymous said...

First of all, thank you to your son for all his does for his country and countrymen. We cannot thank our service men and women enough.

I love the scarf. The yellow with multi-colored dots is beautiful. You are very talented.

CPA Mom said...

I love the scarf - looks very familiar!! Tehehehehe!

And Jillian looks just like her Gramma!

The pictures are beautiful - next year, I'd LOVE to come and see all your snowmen!!

Frannie said...

I'm so sad your son couldn't be home, but I'm glad he got to "visit" via web cam.

It sounds like a nice Christmas. And I think you are so sweet to leave the tree up until he gets home!

SJINCO said...

Tori's expression is awesome!

Glad you enjoyed your Christmas even if all your boys weren't home to celebrate it with you. I'm shocked that it was so warm!