Friday, June 1, 2007

Today Was My Turn !!


Today was my turn.

He got me!

Traffic was heavy on Route 1 (like it always is at 7:00 AM) so I scooted over to the back road so I wouldn't have to creep along through Lorton. I came up over the damn hill and BLIP went the red lights of a sneaky VA State Trooper (who should have been out on the highway where the real crazies are). On a back road, with only a few houses in sight along the way. A freakin' radar trap!! It's a two lane road with hills - no place to pull over without getting crashed into by some other "fool" (just like ME) who is going faster than they should be. So, I continue along until a driveway pops up on the right side of the road. He's behind me, blinking those stupid lights on and off. Does he think I didn't see him? I'm not stupid - I can see flashing red lights when there is no one else in sight but me and him! But, I also value my car and don't wish to have the trunk behind me in the back seat !! He pulls up behind me (in the road, mind you) but I don't really care at that point because it would be his cruiser getting hit, NOT my car! He moseys up to my window - it's already rolled down and I have my drivers license in my hand. "Do you know what the speed limit is?" 35. "No m'am, it's 25" (The sign a couple of yards in front of me says 35 mph)."Do you know how fast you were going back there?" No, Sir.. " You were doing 48 in a 25 - that's reckless driving M'am." What could I say? He asks for my license and registration. I give them to him and he tells me to stay right there (where am I going to go? He's right behind me!) and then goes back to his cruiser. I then realize that the registration that I pulled out of the glove box is expired, so I get the current one out of my wallet (ready for him when he comes back). He walks back and reads me the riot act, makes me sign the damn ticket and tells me the COURT DATE is JULY 13th and IT IS MANDATORY that I report at 9:30 AM on that day. Just like on the movies, he tips his hat and says "Have a Nice Day. You are free to leave now." What an arrogant SOB, I am thinking ... Have a Freakin' Nice Day!!

So, I carefully back out of that unsuspecting person's driveway, and proceed down the road to the 4 way stop sign (where, incidentally there is another sign on the other side of the intersection that says 35 mph). I continue my journey to work traveling exactly 35 mph. And a stupid Mercedes is riding my ass the entire way. NO WAY IN HELL am I going to get another speeding ticket on the same morning! ( I am aware of the usual speed traps on that section of the road). I can see him in my rear view mirror and he is cussing up a storm and making gestures at me. I continue along going exactly 35 mph. When I get back to Route 1, the Mercedes whips around me and makes a right hand turn.

I am sure I put a crimp in his Friday morning commute also, just like the State Trooper put one in mine !!

What a way to start the month of June !! RECKLESS DRIVING !! I wasn't driving recklessly - just a little faster than I should have been. I have never had a reckless driving ticket in all my years of driving. Maybe a speeding ticket, but not one for at least the last 20 years. The points on my license WERE ZERO but not anymore! Maybe, he won't show up on the 13th (just maybe, he'll be back out there on Old Colchester Rd with another speed trap). I work hard for my money and the county of Fairfax has enough already!

The only bright side of this whole story is that once I got to work, I checked the calendar and July 13th is a FRIDAY.


But, I probably will be too poor to actually be able to do something !

So, how was your Friday??

Note: I missed Weight Loss Wednesday - this week - 197.6 lbs (that sucks!)


frannie said...

go back and get pictures of the signs saying 35... that will make a difference. it is still speeding... but it is less speeding.

is the ticket for speeding or reckless driving??

ChrisB said...

Oh I feel for you - in the UK we have speed cameras everywhere so far I have been lucky. So many people gets fines and points on their license, we see all this as money making rather than the safety issue it's supposed to be. Hope they are not too hard on you in court.

SJ said...

Oh man! This sucks....I agree with Frannie, go back and take pictures of the speed limit signs, and as well, I'd go back and see if you were really in a 25mph zone...

Fairfax County cops have always been as......not nice!

Karmyn R said...

ARGH - that is frustrating.

and I agree - take pictures and go to that court date.

It's too bad that cops like him give all the others a bad name.

CPA Mom said...

Get a lawyer. I took a lawyer to court for my speeding ticket and got it reduced, both times. Makes a difference. Worth the money. That trooper? He will show up. They always do. But your attorney could make a deal with him prior to court.

Oh, and you won't get any points until/unless your insurance checks your driving record which is not something they do automatically.

Julie said...

OMG, you have to go to court on Friday the 13th? I agree with Frannie - go take pictures of the signs. If you prove it is 35 mph you're reckless charge will be dropped. Bummer way to start the day and month.

Rachel said...

Fight it! If the sign said 35, then seems to me the speed limit is 35! Here in Tennessee, Memphis, I should say (I don't knwo what they do in other cities), if you go to court and plead guilty to a speeding ticket, they will not report it to the state (so, no points) and we just have to pay court costs

Amy W said...

Good Lord, you win.

I got a reckless ticket in VA as well and had to go to court. You will most likely be one of the only ones that speak english or do not have a DUI in the courtroom, so most likely it will be dropped. Especially if you have no points currently on your license.

Coming home Memorial Day weekend, between Fredericksburg and the south of Richmond we passed TWELVE state troopers....