Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesday and SSS

This morning I weighed in at 200 lbs on the nose ! Not so good, when last week it was 197.6. But I have no one to blame but myself !! And right now, I'm OK with it ... 200 lbs. or less is my goal right now BECAUSE we are going into the summer season and I'm busy. And not quite as focused ...

I went to a going away celebration on Memorial Day Weekend (my nephew reported for his upcoming deployment today) and ate. Not a lot of forbidden things but just enough to get my metabolism going in the wrong direction. I have participated in numerous charity events in the last few weeks and ... If you don't eat what they provide to you ... You don't eat !! So, that's the way it goes.

I'm not making excuses - it is just what I have chosen to do. I don't go overboard (it takes less to fill me up nowadays) and the discomfort of eating TOO many carbs and sugar isn't pleasant (your body lets you know !!). I have promised myself that I won't let it get out of hand (except for, maybe, the week I am on my cruise - midnight buffets are the best and you can't not have a drink or too !!)

So, on to a more exciting topic -

Saturday afternoon ( after I returned from the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Washington, DC) there was a package leaning up against my door. IT WAS MY SECRET SWAP !! It took me a while to get it open (those Canadians use some pretty strong packaging) but it was worth the effort. Inside, was a wonderful decorated clipboard from the infamous Emma from Canada.

I have seen pictures of her talent and NOW I am the proud owner of one of her creations. I love it ! I have tons of pictures (memories) all throughout my home and this will definitely have his own little place of honor among them. My only problem will be in deciding which picture will be mounted on this clipboard! The little tag at the top left hand corner says "Family" so most likely, that will help me make my decision. Many thanks to Emma - You couldn't have sent me a more fitting gift.

And kudos to Frannie for setting up the SSS. It's been a blast !

And now a favor, Frannie (please, please, pretty please) - after everyone has recieved their SSS - would it be possible for you to give us a rundown on who got who - Blog names would be sufficient. It would be icing on the cake! I think it is awesome how people from different countries participated. I sent my SSS to the UK and recieved one from Canada !! And I feel like I have made many new "friends" which is the best part of all.


frannie said...

glad you got your package!

that's a good idea... believe it or not, there are still some out there that haven't arrived. I'll do the list as long as I am reasonably sure that everyone has their packages! that is a great idea--

Emma in Canada said...

I am so glad you liked it! And I can't believe it arrived in only 2 weeks (which sounds quite pathetic really, but Canada Post sorta sucks) because they told me 4-6 weeks.

CPA Mom said...

That is cool! Emma has more talent in her little finger than I have in my whole body.

Don't sweat the weight. You have your cruise coming up like you said and you dont' want to diet then! BTW, Are we still on for getting together that Friday? I need to submit for the day off if we are.

Julie said...

Isn't Emma the best? And she claims she's not crafty!

I think it's a law that you can't be on a diet when you go on a cruise you know. Sounds like you have a great attitude about weightloss - kudos to you!

ChrisB said...

that is such a pretty clipboard when you have all the pictures displayed you must do another post on it.

Rachel said...

Yeah, Emma is mucho talented! Where are you going on your cruise?? Sounds fun!

Amy W said...

What COOL stuff!

BS said...

Rachel, I am going to Bermuda - WOO HOO !!