Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday the 13th

It turned out not to be an "unlucky" day for me.

Remember this post back on June 1st?

Today, in the minds of a lot of people as a day full of bad luck, was my court date. I got to the court room, looked around, and thought "OMG, am I the only American person in here"? Evidently, a lot of people of the Latino persuasion violate traffic laws! The morning dragged on , because only 1 or 2 of every 10 people called could speak the English language. The poor translators (2 little women that evidently know nothing about American fashion) had to bounce back and forth between the 2 courtrooms. So, the cases moved very slowwwwwwwly (everything had to be spoken twice). Finally, after about 2 hours, it was my turn. I pled "No Contest" and was given the opportunity to give an explanation. I proceeded to tell the judge (she had been rather reasonable with most of the previous cases) that I frequently traveled the road and that I have always believed the speed limit to be 35 MPH. On this particular morning, I was indeed traveling faster than the speed limit but I did not feel that I was driving recklessly. She smiled (maybe because I didn't give a lame excuse like so many others did and I admitted guilt to driving too fast) and proceeded to say that since I had a perfect driving record (+ 5 points), the charge would be reduced to speeding with a $100 fine plus court costs. I smiled back, said "Thank you, your honor" and like Elvis, left the building (court room). Next stop, the room where you shell out your hard earned cash. Sticker shock - court costs - $62. I paid the fees and immediately thought of all the things I could have purchased with that amount of cash! I am not complaining by any means (well, not much) because it could have been much worse. I chalk it up to a lesson learned the hard way - Drive the damn speed limit even though everyone else is passing you like you are standing still. Do as you should, not what all the others do.

An added note: What is wrong with people in the world today? My Mother taught me to show respect and wear nice (suitable) clothes if I had to appear before a judge. I wore a dress - nothing fancy - but something that showed I put out a little effort when I got dressed that morning. The majority of the folks in the court room looked like they had just rolled out of bed minutes before they arrived!

I left the courtroom with a little less money in my checking account, but I had the rest of the day to do as I pleased. I decided to go check out the new baby, born just 6 days before.

Folks, I introduce to you ... Baby M (my great niece)

Isn't she a cutie? And she, seemed so tiny to me .... 7 lbs 1 oz.

But take into consideration that the last newborn I got to hold came into this world at a whopping 9 lbs. 5 oz!

And here's the Happy New Family ...

Mommy is still getting used to being a Mommy - Daddy is a proud as he can be - Baby M is shooting a wave your way !!

She looks a lot like her Daddy but most importantly .... Thank God she doesn't have my side of the family's EARS !!

NEXT ON THE AGENDA ....Cruise News !!


ChrisB said...

That's bad luck, it really annoys me when I keep to the speed limit and I get blasted by those wanting to overtake. Your niece is beautiful.

CPA Mom said...

Not bad, getting a reduction without an attorney even! That is a good luck day for you! Especially with what the fines are for reckless driving in Virginia now.

SJ said...

Sucks about your speeding ticket, but you gave it a shot. At least they reduced the fine.

The new little family looks happy but oh so tired. She's a cutie!

kj said...

are J & S even awake in that picture? Looks like they have gone DAYS without any sleep.... WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD! LOL! I sure don't miss those days.