Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sometimes It Pays To Give Out Your Name

About a month ago, I was skipping around the Blogosphere and came across a Mother Talk Tour book review at Did You See That? I read the review of "On Borrowed Wings" and felt that it was something I must just want to read. CPA Mom had been given the opportunity to give away TWO (2) autographed copies of this wonderful book. So, I left a comment as instructed and hoped that my name would be picked. Then, I completely forgot about it. (I do that sometimes !!)

Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later, a package was sitting on my doorstep from an address I didn't recognize. I ripped it open and this is what I found!

AND as promised, it is autographed by the author, Chandra Prasad.

I WON !! I WON !! I WON !!

I am anxious to have the chance to read it when I can find a few moments of down time !

Not as anxious as SJ is right now - I am sure - because she gave out her name and ...


I get to sit down and relax with my winning - she has to exert physical energy with hers !!!

I am pleased for both of us - cause we both won !!

( I felt rather silly this afternoon as I was using my little red Dirt Devil Stick Vacuum and dreading every moment. I would have rather been dancing around while using a Pink Dyson!!)

I truly am looking forward to reading my new book, because HOUSEWORK MAKES YOU UGLY!!

Really, there is a sign in my kitchen that says so !!


frannie said...

lucky family this week, eh???

hope you enjoy the book!

SJINCO said...

Whoa, we are on a roll! I won the Dyson, you won the book - awesome isn't it!

I tried to join Mother Talk - but had some problems...have you joined yet to do book reviews for them?

SJINCO said...

Oh, and congrats on winning!

Alix said...

What a nice surprise - hope you enjoy the book.
Thanks for stopping by my blog - FYI Marmite is the best thing ever find it and try it!

ChrisB said...

A family of winners~ enjoy the book.

CPA Mom said...

That book is AWESOME! I was so glad you won. I've got to go pick a winner on the last book giveaway I did. I'm lame. And uber-busy. Apparently.

Wish I won the Dyson too. So does my allergy laden children!