Sunday, February 17, 2008

50 Ways to Wellness

I need to take a GOOD look at this list and start practicing them myself !! I have been in a "funk" lately and this hopefully, will be a good start ...

* Keep a positive attitude
* Avoid dangerous drugs (no problem here)
* Stop smoking now
* Stay active
* Value your veggies
* Budget time & money
* Control your stress
* Eat a balanced diet
* Maintain lower blood pressure
* Do self-exams
* Don't drink & drive (no problem here)
* Have medical exams on schedule
* Take medicines as directed (no problem here)
* Keep an open mind
* Protect your hearing - avoid loud noises
* Warm up & stretch before exercising (one must exercise first !)
* Buckle your seatbelt (no problem here)
* Choose water to drink
* Challenge your mind
* Forgive & forget
* Eat fruits for dessert
* Sit up straight
* Learn when to say "No"
* Brush & floss often
* Take responsibility for your actions
* Cook & store food properly
* Learn from your mistakes
* Manage anger wisely
* Shun the sun
* Work at relationships
* Wear proper sports gear
* Get enough sleep
* Vary your exercise routine
* Cool down & stretch after exercising
* Keep up with health news
* Resolve conflicts peacefully
* Respect your body
* Learn Internet safety
* Count your blessings
* Feel good - volunteer
* Avoid secondhand smoke
* Avoid eyestrain
* Have adequate insurance
* Fuel up with fiber
* Ask questions of your doctor
* Reduce your risks
* Celebrate life
* Weight train for bone & muscle strength
* Share your feelings
* Love others & love yourself


SJ said...

That's a good list, I'm copying it for myself.

Sayre said...

A good list to live by. Some of it I already do or have quit (like smoking), but I need to do more of what's here.

ChrisB said...

That's a pretty good list, there's a few I can tick off and a few I should adopt!!

Joy T. said...

Catching up on blogs and hope your funk is gone. I hate funks, but this list is good to keep on hand to help get rid of the blues.