Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome Home !

I got up at "O.dark.thirty" this morning. On a Sunday! But for a very good reason.

Let me tell you ... traffic is wonderful in Northern Virginia - at 5:30 A.M. on a Sunday morning - when it's still dark and no one is up yet to get in your way! I got there in record time!

Where was I going? Dulles Airport

Why was I going there so early in the morning? My nephew was coming home for a couple of weeks

From where? Kuwait (The Gulf) - where he has been since June of 2007 - he's a soldier with the USCG

Who was he expecting to be there to pick him up? His wife

Who was there to welcome him home?

His wife, his 3 yr old twin daughters, his mother, his sister and his aunt !

(which would be ME!)
(His father (my brother), unfortunately had to report to work this morning) stupid power company

Waiting, patiently ...

The plane has arrived !

Still waiting, patiently ...

They are at customs ...

A lady passenger walked by and told the girls "He's coming"

Daddy! Daddy!

Eight months is a long time to be so far away from your loved ones.

All together again

(for about two weeks - he comes home for good in June 2008)

Daddy and his little girls

After 8 months being across the world in a foreign land ...

And a 15 hour flight ...

It's good to be heading home with your family.

Good bye Dulles Airport !!

Hello Daylight !!





for serving our country with the USCG


SJ said...

That? Totally made me cry. So glad that he made it home safely. Wish I could have been there too!

ChrisB said...

What a wonderful welcome home. He must have been thrilled to see you all waiting for him.

Julie said...

Yes, a big thanks to Lee for keeping us all safe. i hope he has a wonderful 2 weeks and comes home safely again in June!

Rachel said...

That made me cry too! Welcome home and thank you for doing what you do!!!!

Alix said...

What a lovely post, the pictures were great. Hope they have a lovely 2 weeks together.

LB said...

Ok my eyes are full of tears too. Glad he is home for a short vacation and hope he returns in 3 months the same way..
As Ty would WELCOME HOME!!!

Wendy said...

Yes, Lee...Thank You:) This was a very moving post!! I have been crying all over the blogosphere tonight.

Joy T. said...

Excuse me *sniff* I have something in my eye! I'm so glad I didn't miss this post, this is so great. I'm glad Lee made it home safe and sound and even though I'm from Canada, I want to say thank you as well.