Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun Monday - # 29 - Names and Plates

This week's hostess is Mariposa (AKA Ms. Butterfly) of Mariposa's Tales. (when you post late in the day as I most often do, you can check the already posted posts and it is amazing what you learn! (I never knew what Ms Cellania meant - now I feel rather SLOW because I had never figured it out on my own!)

The assignment is:

(1) Please share to us how the NAME of your BLOG was made? I can't wait to hear interesting funny stories!

(2) Please share to us (in words or photo, though a combination of both will be a bonus!) your favorite/ most common dish!

(1) The name - not real original - just a fact !! I am THE FIRST OF SIX children in my family.

I have 3 brothers - LM (who somehow has cleared out all of his posts, then became lazy, I guess - well ... this week, he is on a cruise with his wife, celebrating their 30th Anniversary, so he has an excuse!), DM (non-blogger, but I think he reads) and SM (another non-blogger whom we haven't crossed over yet!).

I have 2 sisters - LB and the baby of the clan (and who started it all for us) - the infamous SJ !!

That's it - in a nutshell !!

Now I just need to convince (at least) the three of them to become FUN MONDAY ers.

(2) The plate - since I am supposed to be dieting ... I didn't prepare my favorite dish, in fear that I would eat it all in one sitting.

So, on one of my favorite dishes (how convenient that Valentines Day just passed) is a "dish" that is currently a favorite - it is allowed (in moderation) on the South Beach Diet ....


Almost Heaven !!

I just ate two of the Dove chocolates ... these are "Rich Dark Chocolate with Almonds". Just a wee bit disappointed though ... the original "Rich Dark Chocolate" ones (in my opinion) are SO much tastier!

And the PROMISES messages were:

Go against the grain.

Discover yourself.

Make sure you go and visit Mariposa to check out everyone's story. It's going to be late night for me (reading) ... I just know it!


jennifer said...

So when I saw Wonder Woman as your thumbnail photo, w/ your face on her bod (if that is actually your bod, I hate you and I will never speak to you again...I mean, God bless you and I'll be seeing you around) I HAD to stop by!!! Oh yes, CHOCOLATE is a food group in and of itself. Let us embrace the Dove bar and rise up and force feed the Paris Hilton's of this world! We will rule the.....hmm, not sure what we will acutally rule or if we even want to! Feeling silly, my apologies! Jen

BS said...

Jennifer - I WISH that was my body !!

Yummy said...

I'm a black chocolate slave!

Junebug said...

Yes dark chocolate! And life does begin at 50. Why not? It seems to begin at every milestone I cross, how about you? :D

Mariposa said...

I like the ring of your blogname! And wow, you just made me crave for black chocolates! Argghhh!

ChrisB said...

Of course I knew about the name of your blog which is very clever.

Your 'dish' looks very tempting~ what does moderation mean hehehe!!

Gattina said...

I should have named my Blog "The Only One" ! lol ! because I am an only child ! Should I change ?

CPA Mom said...

I am the LAMEST friend ever. Your birthday is in my day planner and I never even opened it today. Last night I even told myself, be sure to email Beth since you haven't mailed a card yet (then I lapsed into some self-loathing...)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!!! May you have many, many more.

Are you going on the cruise with me?

ChrisB said...

I'm back because I have just read (on SJ) that it's your birthday so many Happy Returns :)

SJ said...

Hey, I knew all that! And yes, eventually we'll get DM, and SM to start a blog (wishful thinking right?) and one of these days when I remember I'll sign up for Fun Monday. I did it once and I forgot and well, was scared that I'd do that again....


Oh, and I almost forgot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Where's the Happy Birthday to Me post?)

BS said...

At my age ?? Why bother ?? It's just another day when there isn't any one around to celebrate with you.

jennifer said...

Hey! I'm around to celebrate!

Happy Happy Birthday
From this old Jen to you
Happy Happy Birthday
May all your dreams come true!
Vote Pedro.

This is your Birthday song
It isn't very long

Come over to my site and look at that cake and imagine BS written on it!!!

I posted the spaghetti recipe by the way, per your request!!!


jennifer said...

!! !!!!!

I din't feel like I put NEAR enough exclamation points in that last comment. Here are a few more, just for you!!!!!!
J! E! N! N! I! F! E! R!

Joy T. said...

Ok first of all, I can't believe I missed your Fun Monday?! Second of all I have no idea why I didn't know you and SJ were sisters but it's so cool now that I do...and third? Great big Happy Birthday wishes to you!!!

Hannah said...

Happy birthday!
I hope you have a great day.

Julie said...

Happy belated birthday! A little birdie just told me you just celebrated one!

lisa marie said...

You have my heart! I am your competition to buy all that dark chocolate. :) Yum!

Happy Birthday! Better late than never, right?

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Any success in crossing them over yet? Great blog name! And chocolates are wonderful aren't they! :)

Thanks for sharing!