Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun Monday - #38 - Doodles

The assignment is: Your job is to doodle this week. Keep a piece of paper near the phone or grab a scrap of paper while you are watching TV. Start with the number 9, for Nine Acres, of course. Draw the number 9 in red and then use a different color for the rest of your doodling. That way we can all see where the original 9 was in your doodle. It is up to you how you incorporate the 9 into the doodle. It can look like something we know, or it can just be shapes. It can be colorful, or can be one color, besides the red 9. When you are finished your doodle, take a picture of it or scan it and post it on Monday.

I don't doodle when on the phone or when watching TV because I just don't have time !! I am always doing something else (multi tasking is the name of my game).

BUT ... put me in a meeting and make me go through charts on the screen and I WILL DOODLE on the hard copy agenda in between each presentation (2 1/2 to 3 hours of sitting through total boredom). So, today that is what you will see (with the actual work related part cut out). And I think one of them actually has a 9 in there somewhere (you might have to look closely)

Doesn't look like I followed the rules, does it?

Bottom right hand corner - just might be a 9 !!

AND then, {i} Post gave us access to the Doodle Analysis ...

So ... I decided to give it a whirl !!

Arrows: Arrows indicate a person who is aggressively ambitious

Boxes: Boxes are usually drawn by men. Stacked boxes indicates methodical thinking. Closed boxes signify self-centredness, and a desire for privacy. Open boxes may be a reflection of a wish to welcome someone. Alternatively, they may represent a desire to escape from a restrictive situation. (Usually, but not in this case !)

Dots: Dots forming a pattern or picture are sometimes the doodles of a fragmented personality. They can also indicate an extremem state of anxiety or a lack of stability.

Flowers: Most flowers are doodled by women, and are romantic in nature. Indicating a desire to blossom and be fruitful in life.

Intricate Patterns: Very detailed doodles are often drawn by people who have an obsessive nature, and who simply will not let go of their ambitions or loved ones. They are also likely to be jottings of highly introverted people.

Zigzags: This repeated pattern may signal a need for comfort, or a need to regress to childhood in order to escape from the harsh everyday reality.

It also explains:

The starting point of a doodle can also be relevant.

More introverted people, will tend to start their doodle in the centre of a piece of paper, work outwards, and then move inwards again.

The intensity of the ink/pencil marks can also indicate the mood of the person. Lighter strokes indicating a good day, but dark, heavy strokes can sometimes signal depression. (I guess the mood changes throughout those long ass meetings !)

What this all boils down to is:

Doodles are expressions of the subconscious mind.

(Meetings are boring ...)

OK - my doodles don't make a lick of sense !!

Go over and visit {i} Post to see if anyone else's do.

Duh ... I just realized that she (as in {i} Post) is one of my neighbors (kinda) - East Coast, in somewhat close proximity to Washington, DC (MD - VA with DC in between - who pays attention to miles)... that counts for something, doesn't it ??


lisaschaos said...

You might not want your boss to know that the only time you have time to doodle is at work. :) I used to doodle in church. shhh, don't tell Him! :)

SJ said...

I doodle at work when I'm on the phone usually, or in meetings. And I tend to draw flowers, dots and zigzags....


Faye said...

I know what you mean about ipost being a neighbor. I also claim her as one because my best friend lives in Baltimore. . .your doodle brings up the question: is your blog background your origninal creation? they seem similar. I too always doodled in meetings where I was a participant. And actually felt that it helped me stay tuned in if my hands were busy--didn't affect my ears!

swampy said...

Doodle-Bug Doodle-Bug Doodle-Bug...
I used to doodle...don't know why I don't anymore...maybe because instead of pencil and paper always at hand, I just use my cornpooter.
Getting by your place a day late, but wanted you to know I'm back just to check on you.

NariceatL4 said...

I'm with you--I hate boring meetings. Usually my boring meetings are staff meetings where the principal goes over test scores (for an entire hour) - with said state tests applying to 2nd - 6th grades only.... (I teach kindergarten--but still have to sit thru the mtgs...)

swampy said...

You have something special at My Asylum.