Friday, October 24, 2008

Thank Goodness !!

I had my follow up appointment today. The stitches have been removed (band aids optional). I do not have to do any physical therapy (he gave me a list of exercises that I can do at home). He doesn't want to see me again for 6 weeks. AND ...

I have been cleared to return to work with no restrictions.

I never thought I would say this but, THANK GOODNESS !!

I get to go back to work !! It has been a long 8 (working) days. I had so many things I had planned to get done AND most of them didn't. When your mobility is limited - so are your opportunities.

Don't get me wrong - being able to sleep in was great. Going to bed as late as I wanted to was great. Not having to get dressed until noon was great. But, good grief - just how many talk shows can one watch? How many books can one read without getting bored? How many movies can be watched? Computer time was limited because it is in the basement and stairs aren't always knee-friendly. AND, once I would get down here, the desk also wasn't knee-friendly.

I never realized how tired one can get without doing anything !!

Right now - I feel great !

No pain (just a little discomfort every now and then when I do something I shouldn't have). I can drive (as long as I carefully get in and out of the car).

I have a little bounce in my step - cause I can go back to work !! (I know I sound a bit crazy, but if you have been there - You know what I mean!)


SJ said...

That's great news, but really - you WANT to go back to work?

I think you can stop taking those pain pills now, your ideas are a little 'off'.

Just kidding. Glad you are feeling good and I'm glad that you are healed!

CPA Mom said...

I have so much to do, I'll kill for 8 days off.