Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm Just a Drop in the Bucket ...

But if everyone did the same, the results would be monumentous and there would never be a shortage !

I proudly display the following items on my car ...


I am a gold Champions For Life card holder (which means I regularly donate at least 4 times a year). You get special treatment - you get to go to the front of the line! (a pretty good perk if the donor site is busy and lots of people are waiting). I would still donate if I wasn't a card holder and I would patiently wait ...but hey - according to the American Red Cross, I am a VIP !!

When I found out that I was CMV negative, I became even more passionate about giving blood.


What this means is that since I am not a carrier of CMV, my blood can be given to Newborn Babies and anyone else who has a compromised immune system.

Quoted from Wikipedia is the following blurb ...

"Relevance to blood donors
Although the risks discussed above are generally low, CMV assays are part of the standard screening for non-directed blood donation (donations not specified for a particular patient) in the U.S. CMV-negative donations are then earmarked for transfusion to infants or immunocompromised patients. Some blood donation[1] centers may maintain lists of donors whose blood is CMV negative due to special demands."

I am on that list and get contacted all the time. This is very near and dear to me because my oldest son was a preemie and received numerous blood transfusions during the first days of his life. Someone back in 1976, generously donated blood and he benefited from their gift and now it is my turn to give back that precious gift.

This past Tuesday evening, I stopped at a local Fire Station that was holding a blood drive. I stuck out my arm ....

I was past due for a donation (you can donate every 56 days) and with the tragedy at Virginia Tech, I knew that blood would be in even greater demand. I had many things that I should have been taking care of at home, but I felt that an hour or so of my time at the Blood Donor Site was more important - someone out there needed the Gift of Life. The things at home could wait, but those in need could not.

So, I donated my 49th pint (that is 6 gallons plus 1 pint since the early 80's). It was painless ... and so very important to someone in need.

The American Red Cross routinely gives you some type of thank you gift after your donation. That night I received this ...

Note: it looks funny because I pulled the sleeve over onto the front of the shirt because their was an image on the sleeve also (Rejuvenate Yourself ... And Someone Else)

On Friday, I proudly wore a VA Tech T-shirt.

Yesterday, I proudly wore this one.

I have quite a collection a shirts from over the years and I wear them all the time. My most favorite one says "Are you my type?" on the front. The Red Cross info is on the back. It has been interesting sometimes when I wear it - who doesn't need a little attention every now and then?

Another perk of giving blood (in my opinion, that is) is what they have to offer you when you go to the canteen for 10 minutes after your donation. You get a cold drink and ....

I "Heart" Famous Amos cookies !

I sometimes wonder ... do I donate to Help Save A Life or ... to get some of those scrumptious cookies!

If you can, consider giving the Gift of Life because - Together, we can save a life.

I do and will again in about 50 days or so.


SJ said...

I've always told myself that I should donate blood, but then I never do.

Maybe this will be a resolution for 2008. I would like to think that I could at least keep that one, since all the other resolutions I make are usually long forgotten by like March.


CPA Mom said...

Excellent post! I'm going to direct everyone over here tomorrow.

I used to donate platelets but I just don't have that kind of time any more (2+ hours). I've got to get back to donating just blood but I'm rejected for low iron over and over and it's kind of demoralizing. Yeah, all about me again. I'm type O negative so I need to try again.

Amy W said...

Working for Inova and then the health system here in NC, it is easy for me to donate. So I do it all the time.