Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oh My Goodness !!

Imagine my surprise this evening when I got home and there was a VA TECH t-shirt hanging on my door !! I suspect that it was my neighbor who has already left her house to go watch Survivor with her sisters and nieces. (She is a postal carrier and has to wear her uniform, which is understandable.) I was late getting home because I cruised by Walmart to buy something maroon and orange ( I have maroonish clothing but nothing orange!) No t-shirts to be found at the Walmart and ... not much in the fabric/craft department. I did pick up some ribbon (kinda) in the almost appropriate colors and was planning on making some ribbons to share - which I will still do! This is awesome !! I hope that I see a sea of maroon and orange throughout my workplace tomorrow.

The big boss sent out an email today urging everyone (thousands of people) to show their support tomorrow . THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME !!


Anonymous said...

Hey that is cool for her to do that for you. I have a maroon shirt and an orange shirt but I dont think I can wear them together. I dont think it would look right. I should have bought that hat at BJs yesterday.

frannie said...

what a wonderful way to show support

I'm not sure if I have any maroon or orange, but I will see what I can find.

take care

Rachel said...

It's pretty amazing to watch our country pull together and be united, but sad that it takes such a horrible tragedy for that to actually happen.

SJ said...

I was a Hokie today. And my neighbors (who are VT Alum) have their VT flag hanging which we usually only see during football season. I'm sure they were wearing orange and maroon today too.

It was nice of your neighbor to give you a VTech shirt when you couldn't find one yourself. Can't wait to hear more about it...

CPA Mom said...

We couldn't find any Hokie apparel. It was all sold out here in our area of the Old Dominion State. I wore an orange/red/purple stripped shirt. I had a Lions Club meeting and almost everyone had on Hokie shirts. My husband supports the Huuricanes so VT is not something we keep around. I wish I had thought to get the ribbon. You are a clever, clever woman.

and I wish I had your neighbor instead of my asshat neighbors.