Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'ts Tuesday ALREADY

Where does the time go?

I send my thanks to Rachel for sending me interview questions (this past Thursday) per my request and all in the same sentence, I send my apologies for not answering them yet. I haven't forgotten, but a few of the questions deserve much attention (from me to get the answers just right) and I just haven't had the time (or felt good enough) to do them justice. (She's a tough cookie - but very good and insightful in what she asked).

I tell you all of this because SPRING TIME has found it's beginnings in Northern Virginia and my allergies are draining me way too quickly. Everything is covered in a disgusting yellowish-green dust. It is sad when you walk to your car after work and when you get there, your black shoes are no longer black, but yellow! The trees are the culprits right now and there is an end in sight,but it can't get here soon enough!

Wouldn't you know - I feel fine while at work because, well, it's air conditioned and I work in the basement so the pollen doesn't find it's way down there. In the basement and in the middle of the building ... where no doors to the outside are in sight -

Before and after, the pollen attacks me!

My sinuses drain (yuk), my eyes water and get puffy, my nose runs, I sneeze and I am not in a real good mood as of late, especially when the sinus headache sets in. It's hot and stuffy and I refuse to turn on the AC yet (It's April, for Pete's sake)! So, the windows get opened and the pollen keeps me company. Rain is in the forecast, so relief is on the way and then I will get busy answering the questions.

On a completely different subject unrelated to all of the above ...

Did anyone see American Idol tonight? When Blake sang Imagine by John Lennon, I had goosebumps ... but the judges didn't like it that well !! Your thoughts on that performance and all the others are welcome. (It is so much more enjoyable now that Sanjaya is finally gone ...)


Rachel said...

Ugh, I know how you feel. My allergies never go away! And they are worse this time of year. Lucky for Alyssa, I have passed them on to her.

I liked Blake's performance, but, my husband didn't like it. Imagine is a simple song and he sang it just how it should have been sung(?). I am guessing that Lakisha will be going home tonight, but I guess we will see!

Also, I had no idea I was insightful, but thanks! Since you're new to blogging, I wanted to ask some questions that would help your readers learn a little more about you.

SJ said...

I Hate Allergies. HATE THEM.

I Loved American Idol last night. LOVED IT.

Now that Sanjaya is gone, it's going to be tough to see the people get voted off one by one. I think it's between Lakisha and Chris. But I guess we'll see.

Can't wait to see your interview answers....

frannie said...

I thought we only had the yellow stuff down here in the south-- i didn't realize you had it up there, too