Monday, October 29, 2007

Fun Monday #16 - Don't Leave Home Without It

Many thanks to Karina at Candid Karina for being this week's Fun Monday hostess. The assignment for this week is:

"I want to see your security blankets. No, not the kind Linus carries around with him in the Charlie Brown cartoons, although, if you have one of those, by all means share it. What I want to see are the items you just cannot leave home without. What is it that if you leave your house without, you feel naked, incomplete, not quite right? This can be one thing or many things. And since most of us don't live in a clothing optional society, lets just assume we all leave the house fully dressed...I want to hear about those other things...the extras. The things that make women's purses so heavy and men's pockets so messy (I'm going to get grief for this one, aren't I?) What can't you leave home without? Show us pictures, tell us stories...have fun!"
Whenever I leave the comfort of my home, even it is just to go next door ... I always take -

I am a firm believer that if one is always prepared, bad things will not come your way. I don't make many phone calls but someone can always get ahold of me if they need to. My parents live all the way across the United States now (instead of across the highway a few miles away) and if they need to call, I am available (which is a sense of security for me - they aren't getting any younger). If my boys need me - they know my number too!

(The phone is an antique model and I know that !! I have a $100 credit to get a newer model but never seem to find the time to get to the phone store !! Very sad indeed but hey! it still works!!)

Now that colder weather is setting in, I rarely leave home without my newest lifesaver (lipsaver) -all because of my sister - it's all her fault !!

If you haven't tried Chicken Poop, you don't know what you are missing !! It's better than any chapstick (or comparable product) that I have ever used before.

Take a few moments and go visit Karina to see what others can't leave home without.


the rotten correspondent said...

OH MY GOD!! Another chicken pooper! You are the only person all day who has had a clue what I'm talking about. Isn't it fabulous?

Have you gotten on their website to see where you can buy it? It seems like they're in a lot of states all of a sudden.

Happy Fun Monday!

ChrisB said...

My phone is antique as well! I have never seen chicken poop in the UK.

Wendy said...

My phone is def. my security object also:) I feel so lost without it!! I love the antique phone!! LOL!! I update as soon as I can:) Love new phones!

I am going to have to try that Chicken Poop after hearing you and SJ rave about it!

SJINCO said...

My phone used to look just like that! And well you know I love some Chicken Poop!

Unknown said...

I want chicken poop! (Never thought I'd say that...)