Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Got BOO'ed

The other evening when I got home, this was sitting outside my door!

The air is cool, the season fall,
Soon Halloween will come to all.

The spooks are after things to do
In fact, a spook brought this to you.

"BOO" is a shield from witching hour,
Just hang it up and watch its power.

On the front door is where it works,
It wards off spooks and scary jerks.

The treats that came with this cryptic note,
Are yours to keep so enjoy them both.

The power comes when friends like you,
Will copy this and make it TWO.

The others here among our friends,
Will give warm fuzzies that will not end.

We'll all have smiles upon our face,
No one will know who "BOO'ed whose place.

You must work your spell in one short day,
So get to work, don't stop to play,

And don't forget a nifty treat,
Like something cute or something sweet.

Please join the fun, let's really hear it,
And spread some "BOOs" and Halloween Spirit!


1. Enjoy your treat!
2. Place your "BOO" on your front door.
3. Now you have 24 hours to copy this twice, make 2 treats and 2 "BOOs"
and secretly deliver to 2 neighbors who do not have a "BOO" on their
front door.
4. Then watch how far this spreads by Halloween!!!

Here's my treats and sweets ...

So ... I did as I was told and hung my "BOO" on my front door ...

Then I made up two bags to secretly give away ...

My neighbor and I both know who BOO'ed each other - we did !! She has BOO'ed me each year since that Halloween a few years ago when I started it (I got BOO'ed at work) - she didn't know who it was until way after Thanksgiving !! It's the jump start to get it going again each year.

One of my bags went to a co-worker who just moved into my neighborhood (on a different street). I snuck over to her place one evening and hung it on her door (luckily she wasn't home at the time). She has mentioned it to me in conversation but has NO IDEA who left it for her - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

The other bag went to another co-worker and she too has mentioned it to me and even has showed me the bag and it's contents, but has NO IDEA who left it for her - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED again. I left it on her desk that same evening because I had to work late and she wasn't at her desk when I left.

I'll fess up once Halloween has passed. They both told me that they had made up and delivered "BOO" bags to unsuspecting neighbors.

That's what this is all about.

Both of them were excited about it and pleased to recieve them. I like to know that I put a smile on someone's face ...

If I knew where all of you lived ... I'd spread the love and BOO YOU TOO !!


Beccy said...

What a fantastic idea, I'd love to get booed!

Wendy said...

That's awesome!! I should definitely do this here! I live on a dead end road with like 4 houses so we would all be booing each other over and over:) LOL!!

Rachel said...

That is a great idea!! Everyone loves a cute little surprise!!

SJ said...

My neighborhood has done this in years past, but not this year. Maybe, if I remember, next Halloween I'll start it and watch it spread.

It's a great idea! And FUN!

Karmyn R said...

What a neat idea! It would be fun to start around here!

Julie said...

I love love love the booing. We got boo'd the other night - Abby thought it was the greatest thing ever. We let her pick who we should boo and then we drove over after dark - wiht the headlights off to do it.

You got some great BOO gifts!

Heather J said...

I wish my neighbors were cool enough to participate in such a fun event. I would do it to them, but I know they'd be like...yeah whatever...and not keep up their end of the deal. It looks like so much fun though, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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