Friday, October 5, 2007

Surprises in the Mail

A couple of weeks ago (time has gotten away from me) I received a package in my mailbox.

As a participant in Emma's book swap, I recieved my book from Fianna in Texas (the state of my birth) at Fianna's Little Internet Space.

She included a note that says "Here is my well-read copy of "The Center of Everything". I love this book and hope you do as well. Enjoy."

This weekend, the housework and the yardwork will have to wait ... BECAUSE I AM GOING TO START READING MY NEW BOOK !

Many thanks to Fianna and Emma too!

Wednesday, I got another surprise in the mail.

The envelope was from the American Red Cross and my first thoughts were "give me a break with the asking for a donation - I can't donate again until October 29th !!" I opened up the envelope and this is what I found ...

WOO HOO !! Nowadays, $10. worth of free gas IS A BIG DEAL !!

The next surprise is not on the recieving end for me.

I'm sending it!

To SJ because sometimes I CAN BE NICE !!

A few Fun Mondays ago, I said that I had ordered something for her - just because! It finally came and tomorrow it will hit the post office (after sitting on my dining room table for a few weeks). So as to NOT spoil her surprise, she will have to post about it when it arrives !!

Update to the Fun Monday referenced above:

The elderly neighbor that I chat with almost every day - had a birthday on Wednesday (73 years young). Her son is taking her to dinner on Sunday at a fancy smancy resturaunt in DC. She invited me (and another neighbor) to come along !! We have to be at his condo in Alexandria by noon so we can relax and have champagne before dinner ... Reservations at 2:00.

Said son is a big time lawyer and evidently has $$. She said his first choice was The Palm Restaurant in Washington DC but it is closed that day for a private party. (check out the prices for a steak !!). I think I am in for a treat !! Most of the dining establishments that I tend to go to (Taco Bell knows my order when I pull up to the drive through window) don't even require a tip !!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Fianna said...

I am sure that the housework and yardwork are better left as is.

The book is well worth it!

Beccy said...

Enjoy your weekend reading.

Kaytabug said...

Enjoy the book...hope to hear a report on what you think of it when you're done!

la bellina mammina said...

I finshed reading all my books and now I have none :-( It's great to give and receive, doesn't it?

SJ said...

Can't wait till I get my package! I will post about it for sure when it arrives. I too have something to mail for you, which you'll have to post about as well when it arrives!

The book looks great and the dinner invite sounds EVEN better. You better take photos and post about it as soon as possible!

Jenny said...

I've been meaning to put that book on my reading list. Heard it was good.

Julie said...

HOpe you had a nice dinner. Where did you end up eating?

CPA Mom said...

Let me know how the book is. I'm always in the mood for new authors.

Beckie said...

The same think happened to me when my book swap book arrived!

Can't wait to hear about the dinner!

Beckie said...

thing...not think

Rachel said...

Holy crap that's an expensive restaurant! Hope you enjoy it!