Sunday, December 23, 2007

December 23, 1965

On this day, 42 years ago, my middle sister (LB) made a grand entrance into this world. What better than a new baby sister for a Christmas present !!

( Apologies for the bad quality picture)

(I have none of her as a baby - I was just a little kid myself !)

Well - to be completely honest, it wasn't the Christmas present that my 3 brothers and I were looking for !! We were rather young (8, 7, 6 and 4) and didn't quite understand why we couldn't open but ONE present that Santa had brought us on Christmas day.

My Dad was overseas and my grandparents came to stay with us for when the time came for Mom to go to the hospital. On Christmas morning, we got to see (and play with) one present from Santa. (back then Santa didn't wrap HIS gifts). We weren't the happiest bunch of kids on that Christmas morning - but we got over it ! We had to wait until Mom and the new baby came home before having our Christmas, which would be the day after at least.

Early in the afternoon, my grandfather headed out to the store to get some milk. A while later, he came back WITH NO MILK! He had a pink bundle of joy (and of course, Mom too!). We were ecstatic !! Because NOW we got to open our presents ! And we did ... I don't really recall how long it was before we actually checked out the new baby.

I know for a fact that LB that doesn't remember our rudeness ... but as adults, the rest of us (to include Second of Six ) do !! LB has heard this story probably more times than she cares to remember !

Added note: SJ definitely doesn't remember because she didn't come along until 10 years later ...

As LB was growing up, there was always a special cake to be eaten 2 days before Christmas. On her even number birthdays, it was a wreath with the appropriate number of candles. On her odd number birthdays, it was a Christmas tree with the appropriate number of candles on the branches and a star. As the years went by and LB reached her adolescent years, the themed cakes stopped because it became very difficult to make all those branches without having an odd looking tree !

From one sister to another ... I hope you had a Happy Birthday today, December 23, 2007. Maybe, next year I will try to make you a tree (in miniature, of course !)

Love you lots,


SJINCO said...

Yes, you are very right, I don't remember - AT ALL. But I have heard the story myself many, many times!

I too hope LB had a wonderful birthday.

LB said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys.

ChrisB said...

I too hope LB had a great birthday.

I also wish you a very Merry Christmas.