Saturday, December 8, 2007

Good Luck to Woodbridge Senior High

This afternoon, the Woodbridge Vikings play in the State Championship Game in Richmond, VA. This is the football team's first shot at a state championship in 33 years.

The last championship game was held in 1974.

Against Bethel High School.

At the Woodbridge A.T. Howard Memorial Stadium.


They lost by just a few points in the final moments of the game.

As I was reading the article in the paper this morning, I came across a quote from a student - "Thirty-three years is a long time for any school to be winless." DAMN - 33 years is a long time to be out of school was my thought when I read it.

Also said was "Here we go Woodbridge, here we go!" The student body followed the chant with a "stomp, stomp" of feet on the bleachers. I remember doing that myself, just like it was yesterday!!

Good Luck to the VIKINGS , my alma mater - Class of 1975.


The Woodbridge Vikings lost to the Westfield Bulldogs, 42-14.


Better luck next year!


Anonymous said...

There is something unknown to you about this post.Do you remember the number of the running back who set all the records in that era?Although he and the Vikings could not seal the deal , It was Russell Davis, wearing # 33.This could mean something for this years game.Good Luck Vikings.

BS said...

Well, I'll be damned!! You are absolutely right !! I didn't even think of the numbers. You were at that game too - with all of our "Viking" silliness. I still have some of the stuff that I made for those games that year (somewhere!). Potomac lost their championship game (different division) this afternoon.

wrknl8 said...

Let Me know about Our game today I can't find anything on it out here

SJINCO said...


Here we go Woodbridge, Here we Go!
Stomp, Stomp.

Here we go Woodbridge, Here we Go!
Stomp, Stomp.

I remember doing that too!

Good Luck to the Vikings, my alma mater - Class of 1993.

Unknown said...

Ah how time flies. :( I still can't believe my children are no longer toddlers. :(