Saturday, December 22, 2007

What I Have Done Instead of Shopping !

Today (with only a few days left), I spent more than a few hours shopping. Something I should have been doing over the last week ! But, NO - I had more important things to do !!
(Don't tell my kids and grandkids I said that!)

Monday evening after work, I went into DC to see the National Christmas Tree and the Path of Peace. (Be sure to check out this web site because my pictures aren't all that great)

This tree is a Colorado Blue Spruce from York, PA that was planted on the Ellipse, President's Park in Washington, DC on October 20, 1978. It's height at the time of it's planting was 30 feet. It now is 41 feet, 9 inches. It has been lit by Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Close up view of the ornaments on the tree.

I took some pictures of the individual state's trees for my out of town family and blogging friends ... Colorado - Smith Renaissance School of the Arts, Denver -”Magic”
Kindergartners use pine cones, glitter and tissue paper to create the magical look of Colorado.

District of Columbia - Children of the American Revolution - ”Leading the American Adventure” Raising awareness about the National Park Service and the junior ranger program.

Georgia - Cochran-Bleckley County Arts Alliance, Cochran - “Christmas in Georgia”
A group of local artists and crafters who love to create and share beauty.

North Carolina - Clay County Schools - Hayesville
”Christmas Tree Ornament“
Hayesville students were Inspired by the history, cultures and craft traditions of NC.

New Hampshire - Hampshire Pewter - Wolfeboro - ”Forest Friends”
Celebrating the twenty-fifth year that Hampshire Pewter has accepted an invitation to decorate the New Hampshire Tree.

Tennessee - Bedford County Arts Council - Shelbyville - “Purple Iris” (State Flower)
Painted by members of the Arts Council painting class.

Vermont - Spaulding High School and Barre Technical Center Campus -Barre -“Maple Leaves”
Spaulding HS Jr. ROTC Cadets students are striving to become better citizens through the study of leadership, teamwork, wellness, civics and a commitment to community service.

Virginia - T.S. Dahlgren School - Dahlgren - ”Virginia Symbols”
Arts Club for third to eight grade students. The flowering dogwood is the Virginia state tree and flower.

An added extra because Virginia is my home state and "We shall never forget"

I can't remember what state trees these were on, but what difference does it make? I would put them on my own tree if I could !!

It was a cold and windy (did I mention COLD) night, so this was a welcome visit (and toasty too)

The Yule Log - I kept finding myself back in this corner on numerous occasions.

I couldn't not take a picture of the Nativity because it is "The Reason for the Season"

Multiple trains (both large and small) ran around the base of the Christmas tree. I almost didn't catch this one !!

As I was walking back to the Metro to head home, each and every street light caught my eye ...

Can anyone tell me why?

I went to a Holiday Open House at a co-workers home , baked for three separate Holiday Parties at work (two on the same day), tried to get all my holiday decorations out (both inside and outside), slept a little and on Thursday, I got up at 0-dark-30, so I could meet two co-workers (one of them being my supervisor) at the job at 7:00 AM to ....

Take a tour of the WHITE HOUSE !

You will have to settle for the cover of the Holiday Program ... because NO CAMERAS were allowed! Nor could you bring your purse, cell phone, tobacco products, lighters or any of the many things that you normally don't leave home without !!

I had a couple of favorites ...

* The official White House Christmas Tree in the Blue Room - an 18 foot Fraser Fir from Laurel Springs, NC. The ornaments represent the 391 National Parks, Memorials, Seashores, Historic Sites and Monuments across our country.

* The Gingerbread House - a replica of the south view of the White House covered in white chocolate. (Absolutely incredible - very detailed) The Bush family pets - Barney, Miss Beazly and Willis - plus other wild life were recreated also (on the lawn of the gingerbread house). A few of the ladies in our group (who went on the other side instead of where I was), actually saw Barnie and Miss Beazly playing on the White House lawn. I knew I should have gone on that side, even though the line was moving much more slowly!

* The Christmas trees in the Cross Hall - they featured snow covered branches (lots and lots of cotton but very realistic looking) with birds, butterflies and other creatures of the outdoors perched here and there.

It was a great tour.

We ventured over to the White House Visitor Center afterwards and took a look around before heading back on the Metro. Then, we had lunch at TGI Fridays (I couldn't get in trouble for being gone from work so long ... the boss lady was with us!) I worked (if you want to call it that ... ) for a few hours and called it a day.

So, tomorrow (really today because it is after 1 AM) I shall finish up my shopping - and then THE WRAPPING BEGINS !!


Joy T. said...

Stopping by to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

theotherbear said...

That sounds really interesting! What a shame you can't take photos.

Unknown said...

It's too bad that you couldn't take photos but it still sounds like a lot of fun! :)

Merry Christmas!

CPA Mom said...

we took a tour of the white house in the summer (july 4) of 2002 when it was still closed to the public (part of USO trip). we couldn't take pictures either. Urgh!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

too bad you couldn't take pics, I've never been to DC and would love the see it!

Also, I have to say that I am surprised that the Tennessee ornament wasn't Elvis!