Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Summer Secret Swap Has Arrived !

After having such a rotten Sunday (I got over it!), It was a welcomed surprise to have a "parcel" leaning up against my door when I arrived home from work. My SUMMER.SECRET.SWAP had arrived across the ocean from the wonderful lady at Peppermint Tea. She definitely made my day a much better one. First things first - before changing my clothes or doing what I normally do - I had to open the package (like a little kid on Christmas morning) and this is what i found.

A very cleverly done (although I have to admit, I kinda did the same thing) note that started out ...

Hello Beth

I've been lurking on your site ever since you sent my mum (I love the way the English folks call their mother MUM )(chrisb) a parcel as part of frannie's secret swap.

(it must be destiny that Beccy got my name - I have Irish blood in me (she lives in Ireland) and I sent my Secret Swap to her wonderful Mum in the UK (Beccy is a born English girl and I have English blood also) - we all truly are connected to each other in one way or another like one big happy family.)

S unflower egg cup

- sunflowers are so summery

U mbrella

- have you seen the rain in Ireland this summer?

M ousse au chocolat bar

- needed to get over all the rain !

M aeve binchy - whitethorn woods

- Ireland's most famous author.

E nglish breakfast tea cup

- from an English girl, with summer flowers

R eusable drink coolers

- because I'm sure your weather is better than ours.

All those goodies ! WOO HOO!! The umbrella has an incredibly long handle which is awesome. The chocolate was a little bit squishy when it arrived but it wasn't anything the refrigerator couldn't handle! The drink coolers will look fabulous in my next cold beverage and the tea cup will definitely be used for some hot tea. I can't wait to find a few free moments so I can start reading my new book. I have never used an egg cup before, but what better time to start than now?

Beccy ended her note with "I hope you enjoy your summer parcel". You bet, I will !!

Many thanks to CPA MOM for organizing this Summer Secret Swap. It has been fun - both receiving and sending !!


Beckie said...

Wow! That was exciting! Another swap that I missed!

I am supposed to be getting next week's Fun Monday list together, but instead I am reading and commenting. Bad...

Beccy said...

I'm so glad it arrived safely (albeit with a squashed chocolate bar)!

ChrisB said...

We thought this was a coincidence you sending to me last time and Beccy to you this time. She's staying with me this week so we are having some fun. Glad you enjoyed your parcel :)

CPA Mom said...

Great package!! I love that they call moms "Mum" too and packages "Parcel" I wish I was British *sigh*

Can't wait to see what everyone else got!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Oh, if I could, I would totally steal that umbrella from you.

SJINCO said...

Love the swap you received! It all looks great, and to boot - from Ireland.

I haven't gotten mine yet.....and I'm waiting patiently.

Emma in Canada said...

Maeve Bincy is one of my favourite authors. In fact, my second daughter's middle name is Maeve. And that was a really great book. The rest of the gifts were fantastic too.