Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Nite Thunder

15 weeks ago, I started bowling on a summer league. The next morning, I couldn't move! People ... it had been at least 8 years since I had picked up a bowling ball and bowled 3 games in a row one night a week ! My shoes are probably considered antique and my ball, well, is one of those Columbia Yellow Dots that I don't think anyone uses anymore. Plain black with a yellow dot and my name is engraved into it. With 3 regular holes drilled in it! (Lots of folks nowadays use a finger tip ball). I was rather embarrassed each time I set it in the rack because everyone else's looked so pretty - all swirly in color or all shiny and such. Some people even have bowling balls that are clear and have things suspended inside of them! I remember seeing a skull in one and dice in another. Mine has big gouges in it - looks pretty sad ... but why get a new one when I bowl like crap whether the ball is old or new?

On the first night, you have to pick a team name - ours was "It's All Relative" Why? Because we are all related (I can hear the groaning - give us a break!) ... me, my son, my daughter-in-law and my sister.

The first night I bowled 98/130/112. The last night I bowled 135/120/135. A little bit of improvement, but NOT MUCH .

Today was the night that we received our monetary awards. 10 teams and we came in 7th. Hey, at least it wasn't last. $180 for the team (4 people - $45 each) Not too shabby for a summer league and being down near the bottom. We got a team award too -imagine that? 1st place for High Team Handicap Game - 995 (that's total pinfall plus handicap for the 4 of us combined). The rest of my team probably carried me that night because I bowl like crap on most games. I have no skill - I have no talent - if I get a strike - it's by accident, not a result of my skilled talent. Son and sister are pretty consistent and put me to shame each and every time. DIL improved her average by 12.95 pins. Me ... enough said.

I am rather proud of my team though - they each got at least one individual award. Sister got Most Improved Average for a Female - plus 15.7 pins (152 to 167.07) - AND she got 1st place for Female High Series Scratch - 590 (total pinfall count - no handicap). Son got 1st place for Male High Handicap Series - 812. DIL got 2nd place for Female High Handicap Series - 737. We all have a little extra money in our pockets tonight!

I didn't get any individual award because I SUCK at bowling. But, it was fun and I enjoyed the socializing and such. I got to meet a lot of nice people (except for one team that eventually quit [many complaints from the other bowlers] - they brought their 3 young children with them and let them run wild and they stunk (literally) - they were some dirty, unkempt and disgusting folks - I've seen homeless people roaming the streets with better hygiene).

Plus, I got to see my granddaughter each week - tonight included ...

It's hard to believe she is 5 months old already and has 2 little teeth trying to find their way through her gums. She smiles and makes giggly noises all the time - except for this moment ...

when she was just too busy playing with her feet!

I have my Thursday nights back ... that is until Grey's Anatomy comes back on for a new season. I've so missed McDreamy !! What will they come up with now that Addison and Dr. Burke are gone?


lisa's chaos said...

Oh I suck at bowling but that little granddaughter of yours is adorable!! I have a wonderful grandson (he turns 6 months old tomorrow - he's my first, can you tell?) - should we hook them up? They can chew on each other's toes. :)

ChrisB said...

I think the bowling sounds good fun never mind the scores and how lovely to be able to have a family team. Your grandaughter is a real sweetie.

Beckie said...

I know exactly what your bowling ball looks like. Oh, those were the days. What is a finger tip ball?

BS said...

Beckie: A fingertip ball is drilled differently - conventional - your fingers go all the way into the ball - fingertip - only the fingertips.

frannie said...

it has obviously been a very long time since I bowled, as I never heard of balls like that! they sound really cool!

SJ said...

Tori looks just like her daddy!

Are you bowling in the Fall?