Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just My Luck ....

It would happen to just one in a million ....

I am the ONE !!

I had to work on Thursday (BOO, but it was my choice). A co-worker received a few new CDs for Christmas and I had casually commented that I would like to listen to them sometime. As she was leaving, she plopped them down on my desk and said "Enjoy". COOL - new music to listen to on the way home.

I pop one of them into the CD player and nothing happened. I hit EJECT and nothing happened. The player said "No Disc". I am saying to myself - What the ...? As I am driving in traffic, I wait till I get home to investigate.

Out to the car I go, with flashlight and a butter knife in hand. I thought maybe that I had mistakenly inserted the CD above the slot in the player and that it might be wedged on the top. I take the faceplate off and check it out. There is not a space that the CD could have found it's way into. It is tighter than a drum. I look on the floor, I look between the seats - everywhere I can possibly think of. I second guess myself and check out the player again. I hit EJECT - "No Disc". So, I stick another CD (one of mine, not a borrowed one) into the player and ...

I'll be damned - it plays !!

I call my sister ... I call my son ... No one can seem to explain it. My son confirms that the stereo/CD player is not one that can play multiple CDs (he and his brother are the ones that purchased it for me and installed it, too). He says that he would have to take a look at it - that has NEVER happened to him before.

So, at work on Friday, I had to politely tell my co-worker that I was very sorry but that I had forgot to bring in the CDs. I couldn't tell her that my player ate one of them!

This morning, I went back out to the car and searched again. A sanity check, really. It is no where to be found ... THE FREAKIN' CD HAS JUST VANISHED INTO THIN AIR and the player still works. Anyone I have ever talked to has told me that when a CD gets eaten - the player no longer works!

So, I made a trip to Best Buy and bought another CD (Colbie Caillat * Coco) - and it was on sale !! For a moment - I felt "Bubbly" when I realized that I only had to shell out $7.99 instead of $11.98 !! (and the sad part is that I am not that terribly fond of the artist - I just wanted to listen to it to see what it was like).

Wednesday morning, I will return the CDs to my co-worker and think twice about borrowing any more. (Maybe, someday I will tell her what really happened !!)

Have a wonderful Sunday !! Go SKINS!!


Washington Redskins 27
Dallas Cowboys 6


Alix said...

that is sooooo strange, is it in a parallel universe???
Let us kow if it turns up

Hootin' Anni said...

Ya....I'm Texan, but hey....I'm cheering on the 'skins too! [I can't stand the Cowboys----oops, did I just post that?!! Well, it's true.]

- - -

Did you know why the Nativity Scene cannot be displayed in D.C.? Because no one can find 3 wise men OR a virgin!!!!

My Fun Monday is posted! Come laugh with me today!!!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Ok, that is just weird!

SJINCO said...

Hmm, weird! My cd changeg ate a cd not that long ago, and you are right, it won't play at all. I had to replace my entire cd changer - and once it was out of my dash, I got my cd back unharmed. Odd that your cd is NOWHERE to be found. Just odd.


SJINCO said...

cd changeg? what's that?

I'm a dork.

(haha - my word verification is sjsjxxx)

Wendy said...

So very strange! Maybe that's your CD players way of weeding out some bad music?!? LOL!!