Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun Monday - # 13 - Put Your Best Foot Forward

Robin at PENSIEVE is our hostess this week and her "Official Marching Orders" are:

Shoes tell a lot about a person and we wanna delve deeply into your soul sole. Photograph your favorite pair--or pairs--of shoes and tell us a little about why they're near and dear to your toes heart. Show us your baby bronzed booties...let us see the shoes YOU HAD TO HAVE (but have never worn)...or all those grotesquely dyed-to-match formerly white satin bridemaid's shoes that were worn ONCE...the reinforced steel-toe boots that saved your big toe from being hacked off in that industrial "accident"...or, just take pictures of your nekkid feet--gnarly bunions, twin toes, or perfectly OPI-pedicured tootsies.

So here goes ....

My most favorite (and most comfortable) pair of shoes are COMPLETELY.WORN.OUT but I still have them. I keep them on my porch and slip them on when I need to run out to the car. Or putter around the yard. They are no longer fit to wear in public.

I had another pair of them in white (they were in much better shape) until a few weeks ago ... when the dog I was dog-sitting decided he needed a snack and chewed them up. (I thought I had put them up high enough, but evidently not!) The one day I didn't put them in the closet with the door shut ...

Next, are shoes I just had to have (to go with a certain outfit) and I have worn them EXACTLY.ONCE ! They hurt my feet. I am so glad they were inexpensive. There is nothing worse than spending big bucks for them to sit in the bottom of your closet to collect dust.

As I post these pictures, I realize just how pathetic I am with my shoes - but comfort is my first concern !!

I love me some Mary Janes ... these are well worn but oh so comfy.

For the colder weather: A pair of (again) well worn Timberland hiking books that are at least a dozen years old.

I have some dyed-to-match shoes (plum colored from SJ's wedding) but I don't have a clue where they are and I'm too damned tired to go hunting for them!! Just picture them in your mind ... low heeled pumps in that material kind of finish - but they matched my dress and that is all that mattered at the time!

Me and OPI are friends. Back in late July, I had OPI'd toes. This picture was taken when I was on my cruise ... I don't remember taking the picture (why would I take a picture of my foot?). Maybe, I had a few drinks before walking down the stairs ! Maybe, I snapped the picture completely by accident and it just happened to perfectly catch my foot! I honestly don't' have a clue ... but it works for this week's Fun Monday !! (the toes are oh so pretty - the foot, not so much. It must have been later in the night because my ankle is swollen).

Don't drag your feet ... march on over and visit Robin to see all of the other footwear which I am sure is more pleasing to the eye than mine are !!

An added bit of humor (not meant to offend anyone)

Why does a blond have TGIF written on the inside of her shoes?
To remind her that Toes Go In First.


Pamela said...

awwww... your cruisin shoes.
I bet you were messing with your camera and did it by accident. I get some strange accidental pictures.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who wears out her shoes. I hate to spend money just to drag my feet through the dirt.

Anonymous said...

I love your first well-worn shoes! Doggone it, they're like a best friend! :)

The red ones are pretty, too, but I see how they could be a one-outfit kinda shoe.

Your pedi looks wonderful...isn't that providential you took that picture for Fun Monday so far in advance? :)

Thanks for playing along this week?

ChrisB said...

I can relate to you old and comfy I think we all have a pair of those!! The red may not be comfy but they look striking. I love the colour of your nail polish. I wouldn't dare show my feet these days!!

Anonymous said...

You are about the 10th person with OPI toes now - I need to get myself a pedicure. the last one I had was 8 years ago (just before my wedding!)

Unknown said...

I like the red ones. I wear shoes like that a lot. But those are the kind of shoes that will leave blisters on the back or side of your feet if you actually walk in them. Not fair.

Beccy said...

Love the joke!

Kaytabug said...

I really like the red ones...Why is it that most of the cute shoes hurt ones feet?

SJINCO said...

But of course I love the red ones....why I helped you pick them out!

And I'm still laughing at the joke.